Renting a photovoltaic system? Today it’s possible. But, who is in charge of the rental?
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The photovoltaic industry is growing fast. Renewable energies represent the new goals of sustainable development. The consumption of fossil fuels has been slowly replaced by renewable energy resources.…Read more

The best smart locks on the market
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According to a common opinion, smart locks are the future of home security. Smart locks are computerized locking systems that do not use the mechanical mechanisms of traditional locks but new technologies for closing and opening the doors of the house.…Read more

Why don’t we use nuclear power to produce electricity, in Italy?
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When talking about nuclear power in Italy, a short but interesting overview, through which it is possible to understand the reason why nuclear power is not used to produce electricity today in Italy, needs to be made. The development of nuclear energy in Italy took place between the beginning of the ‘60s and the early ‘90s.…Read more

LOGISTY.CONNECT, a wireless home security alarm system
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Home security technologies are evolving. Luckily, home alarm manufacturers never stop developing new devices and technologies capable of protecting our houses from external attackers willing to break into our houses.…Read more

MOBI CHARGER or how to charge electric cars without a charging pillar
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Nowadays we try to find alternative, advanced and convenient technologies to stop exploiting non-renewable energies, such as coal or oil. An important innovation that was launched on the market only a while ago is the manufacture of cars that only use electricity to power the engine. It drastically diminishes exhaust gas pollution while reducing refueling costs.…Read more

Electric scooter: can it be considered as a real means of transport or not?
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The classic scooter was born in the early 20thcentury in America as a game for children. Only later on, we realized how comfortable and convenient this small vehicle was. Many adult models were invented to be used for short and medium journeys on the road.…Read more

Review of the surveillance system
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iSmarAlarm is a wireless surveillance system, that can be managed remotely via a smartphone. When it comes to home security, we want a discreet, of an excellent quality, yet affordable, security system. The iSmartAlarm wireless surveillance system features all these characteristics.…Read more

The best 2016 smart thermostats
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What are smart thermostats? They are temperature controllers featuring a very special and unique technology, that enables them to be controlled remotely, via a smartphone or through other supported devices.…Read more

La Triveneta Cavi debuts in Antarctica
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Thanks to the collaboration with one of our customers in the United Kingdom, our Triflex H07RN-F debuts in the cold continent of Antarctica and will power some areas of the British Antarctic Survey (BSA) research stations. This British organisation takes care of the research and scientific publications in Antarctica and collaborates in research projects with universities and international institutions. It operates five research stations, two ships and five aircraft in and around Antarctica.



Our TRIFLEX H07RN-F 5G50 is perfect for the permanent research station, called Halley, located on the coast of the Weddell Sea, where the lowest temperature recorded is -55,3°…

That’s freezing!

Tesla Powerwall – What is it and how does it work?
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The innovative electrical energy storage known as Tesla Powerwall seems to be very popular. This home device allows minimizing the taking of electricity from the main grid. Only a few months after the release of the battery, the American company Tesla Motors received orders for over 38,000 units.…Read more