MOBI CHARGER or how to charge electric cars without a charging pillar

Nowadays we try to find alternative, advanced and convenient technologies to stop exploiting non-renewable energies, such as coal or oil. An important innovation that was launched on the market only a while ago is the manufacture of cars that only use electricity to power the engine. It drastically diminishes exhaust gas pollution while reducing refueling costs.


Therefore, this new technology should be very popular around the world and replace hydrocarbon powered engines.
Unfortunately, this is not the case as we are trying to reduce the environmental impact of exhaust gases, with fuels made from oil.
These fuels are mainly used because huge companies prefer to make some money on non-renewable energies, rather than taking the risk of investing in renewable energies, just like electricity.

Mobi Charger

Having said so, a portable and easy-to-carry energy charger that can store enough energy to recharge an electric car, has been invented.
This jewel of technology will facilitate on a long-term, the popularity of these unique cars, because it provides the user a means of recharging that replaces the traditional charging pillar that can be find at any gas station.
Will this product make a real change and mark an important step towards the development and popularity of electric cars?
Most likely, it will, since it will be possible to recharge the car directly from home, while reducing the refueling costs. But who is the company behind this great innovation?
The manufacturer is FreeWire Technologies and the invention has a very clear and self-explanatory name: Mobi Charger.
Already from the name you can guess what it is and how it works. But, what can you and cannot do with it? What’s the difference with similar chargers?

Mobi Charger is not much bigger than an old chest freezer, and features very resistant wheels underneath, to move it easily depending on what needs to be recharged.
Its weight is very high, if you consider that inside there are very heavy metal compounds.
A very interesting feature of this product is the fact that doesn’t need a specific permission to configure it and to use electricity, as every part belongs to FreeWire Technologies.
Mobi Charger features several fast recharging programs, allowing the user to quickly recharge their car.
To efficiently store electrical energy a series of measures have been taken, to prevent any possible energy leakage, while ensuring a very low consumption. There is also an app for smartphones and tablets that creates detailed reports for every charge made with the Mobi Charger. It registers the vehicle and the corresponding driver, making reports on electricity consumption and respective costs.
Thanks to this monitoring system, it is always possible to keep an eye on these important parameters.
However, if you don’t have enough space at your place, you still have the possibility of recharging your car at an authorized service center to get a full recharge.
The process is very easy. There is a huge parking lot with plenty of free spots.
You will need to park your car on one of these spots and you will be required to make your position known, through a specific app.
Once you will have given the position of your vehicle, FreeWire technicians will recharge it for you.
The process should take a very short amount of time, and the car will be ready before you leave the premises. Charging pillars won’t even be found at the authorized centers as FreeWire technicians, will carry with them the Mobi Charger.
Thanks to its movable feature, the problem of queuing customers, waiting for their cars to be recharged, has been eliminated.

Is it convenient for a car owner to buy the Mobi Charger?

The cost could be too high for a single person as the Mobi Charger has been conceived more for a professional use, rather than private.
Of course, if the owner of the car can afford it, he should definitely buy it. The purchase is even more convenient if you own several electric cars.
As a matter of fact, if you only own one electric car, while all the others run on gas or diesel, it is very unlikely that you will be able to recover, with the money you save on refueling costs, the money spent for purchasing the charger.
So you need to think carefully, whether or not, you should be buying such a machine. It is not an everyday purchase.
It is a real investment that is also directly connected with the future development of the energy industry.
In fact, if electrical energy will become an even more popular power source, the cost of electricity may increase as it will become more popular. In this case, the fact of owning a personal charger, would mean saving a lot of money, while getting back the money invested at the beginning.
However, if automotive companies decide to disregard this new technology, electricity will always have a very low price and most likely it will tend to decrease more and more, while diesel and gas will become more and more popular.
When you make the purchase you need to think long-term, taking into consideration several circumstances and their consequences.
After all, the Mobi Charger, is the first sign that cars powered by electricity are gradually getting a foothold in the automotive market, so as to encourage the manufacture of accessories and machineries designed for them.
A private and movable petrol station, featuring a lower refueling price compared to the official market place, would have never been possible.
Moreover, it would have been impossible to design an accumulator for this purpose, given the fact that oil companies want to have the exclusivity on the market.
The Mobi Charger is the first product that supports renewable and clean energy that can be easily used in many fields.
Let’s see if the future will offer other technologies like this.

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