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La Triveneta Cavi in partnership with UK Cables – one of our most important distributors in the UK market – is about to launch a new promotional campaign reserved for the customers of UK Cables in its branches of Birmingham, Gateshead, London and Manchester.…Read more

Do LEDs represent the lighting system of the future, or do we have to expect something better?
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Do LEDs represent the perfect lighting system or are we going sooner or later to invent a more sophisticated technology that will allow a better lighting? It is hard to say if yes or not. First of all, we should try to explain how LEDs work.…Read more

Aluminum-ion batteries: what are they and how do they work?
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The endless search for innovative solutions, to improve the performance of energy accumulators, is leading the whole world of home automation into unexplored areas. In fact, Stanford University has recently announced, the surprising innovative results related to aluminum-ion batteries. This technology will be replacing alkaline batteries and lithium-ion batteries, that are currently sold on the market.…Read more

What’s the Nest Thermostat, how does it work and how should you install it?
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Launched on the US market in 2012 and adapted to the Italian power grid only two years later, the Nest Thermostat is an intelligent device for the control and management of the heating system in your house. Equipped with Wi-Fi, this thermostat can also be controlled remotely allowing you to adjust the room temperature even when you are out.…Read more

La Triveneta Cavi at the Rexel Expo in Nantes
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On June 15th – 16th the Rexel Expo will take place at the exhibition centre in Nantes.

This upcoming exhibition will be an important meeting point in order to share information, exchange ideas and discover a wide range of innovative products.…Read more

Touch switches vs conventional switches
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Touch switches are modern and functional devices that integrate perfectly with domestic home automation systems, that is to say the intelligent management of home equipment and systems.
The evolution of technology has led to many innovations in the industry and one of these is the touch screen, the same touch screen we learned about thanks to mobile phones and other electronic devices.…Read more

61° EUEW (European Electrical Wholesalers Association)
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The 61st edition of the EUEW Convention (European Electrical Wholesalers Association) was held in Italy from June 02nd to June 04th, 2016 and it gathered a large number of distributors and producers from all over Europe. …Read more

Public transport project in Qatar: the Doha Metro
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The 22nd edition of the Football World Cup will take place in Qatar, in 2022.…Read more

Choosing Bticino for home automation accessories: switches, video intercoms and surround sound systems
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Bticino is a leading Italian brand, known in the world. Bticino helped spreading home automation systems. Home automation represents the future of the automation, a solution to many problems, making our everyday life easier. Home automation shouldn’t be seen as a habit or as a whim, but on the contrary, it can be a valuable problem solver in many situations. It can help, for instance, disabled people who, thanks to a properly developed home automation system installed, can be independent.…Read more

How to replace an electrical socket: advice and practical tips for beginners
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It is not uncommon that faults to electrical sockets occur in our everyday life.…Read more