Are solar panels still a good solution
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The recurring question regarding the use of renewable energies, especially solar panels, always focuses on the efficiency of their technology…Read more

Protecting buildings from lightnings: how to prevent likely damages
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Following data provided by Sirf (the Italian system for the detection of lightening), about 750.000 lightning strikes hit our country every year.…Read more

Electricity to heat homes: is it a convenient choice?
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In most areas of our country, the autumn-winter temperatures reach low enough average values, ​​to justify the use of at least one heating system.…Read more

LTC Cables in the new plant of Biogen
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The Cambridge Biogen Inc., the biotechnology giant, invests a one billion dollars ($) for the construction of a new production plant in northern Switzerland,…Read more

Electrical wiring system: what is it and how does it work?
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Electricity plays an essential role in our everyday life: lights, home appliances, heating systems, air conditioning, TV, telephones, computers and many other modern devices are powered by electricity. First of all, it is necessary to clarify the different terms used in the electrical engineering industry.…Read more

Limits and benefits of electric cars
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Electric cars seem to be a hot topic on the market again. Due to the increasing levels of smog in major Italian cities, and to the widespread of pollution on a global scale, it urges the need to identify strategies to reduce the rise of carbon dioxide emissions.…Read more

Electric heating: advantages and disadvantages
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It would have been hard, if only a few years ago, we had to find a reason to justify the use of electric heating systems, rather traditional ones, powered by fossil energy sources such as oil, natural gas and LPG.…Read more

Our cables were used for the renewal of the largest refinery in Nigeria
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Port Harcourt refinery is the largest of three refineries in Nigeria, and produces from 3 to 5 million liters of oil per day.…Read more