Home automation systems by Somfy: a range of products to make your house smarter

“Home automation” is a very common word that has become even more popular in recent years in the industry of technology. It is a new way of living the house, in a smarter and more intelligent way, which enables to exploit new technologies to create more functional and comfortable environments for our daily life.

The evolution of home automation

somfy_logoSomfy is a French company that, thanks to its important investments in the field of development and technology, has managed to become a leader in the field of home automation in over 60 countries.
Its cutting edge and unique solutions help you realizing the dream of owning an automated and comfortable home in every aspect.
Somfy home automation systems help the normal daily tasks and allow to have the greatest control of the premises through intuitive and easy tools. 
Home automation systems are ideal for those who are looking for an autonomous house: Somfy offers systems capable of satisfying any disabilities, without affecting the normal rhythm of the daily life. Isn’t this the purpose of technological innovations for the house?

Somfy products for a better home comfort

The wide range of Somfy products conceived for your home comfort represents a series of solutions to automate and make more comfortable your house.
Lift or lower the roller shutters, open or close the shutters, adjust the light intensity and manage the turning on or off of the lights of the rooms, open the outside gate or extend the awnings, switching on and off the air conditioning system…
They represent small actions that we all make at least once a day but that can be easily handled thanks to the centralization of commands, to save time and, at the same time, increase the security of the house.
With a single remote control, you can do all these actions with a simple command: Somfy products for home automation are equipped, not only with a remote control but also with convenient radio controls and useful timers.
What does it mean? Apart from a remote control that can be used from the inside of the house and from a small distance, Somfy has developed a special technology that allows you to have a maximum control of the premises remotely, thanks to an app that can be easily installed on smart phones and that allows you to interact with the house either from the office or from any other parts of the world.


Somfy products for home security

Security is one of the aspects on which Somfy has always put the greater emphasis.
Home automation solutions for window and door fixtures represent the flagships of Somfy products because they not only increase the house comfort but protect the house from thieves.
In fact, thanks to a remote control that allows to rapidly shut doors and windows, Somfy fixtures lock automatically and prevent access from the outside, blocking any possible optional entrance into the premises.
Even in the case of a sabotage of the domestic electric grid, a backup battery intervenes to power the system.
This is one of the safety plans offered by Somfy, which among its options also offers the possibility of planning the switching on and off of the lights as if someone was in the house, even when the owners aren’t there. What does it mean?
This means that the owner can preset the parameters of the home lighting system in such a way that from the outside it seems that there is always someone. 
If the above-mentioned systems can be considered as passive safety systems, Somfy also offers active safety systems, such as the wireless alarms equipped with the most modern technologies available on the market.
We are talking about autonomous anti-theft systems, capable of operating also without electricity and able to alert the owner in case of anomalies. 
Somfy home automation systems have been conceived to be integrated into a greater centralized home automation system that uses IP cameras, which allow you to visually verify the inside and outside of the house through your smartphone.
Thanks to these cameras, the owner can directly receive on his smartphone live images of the house, wherever he is in the world.
The heart of this technology is the perfect interaction with the smartphone, that is to say, the remote management of the house.
Thanks to this device, it is possible to activate or deactivate the system at any time, while checking its functionality.

Somfy and its respect for the environment and energy-saving

Somfy home automation systems are undoubtedly a valid support for our daily life.
They facilitate our everyday actions and make the house a safer and more comfortable place where to raise a family.
But this isn’t all, because when installing a home automation system by Somfy, you can also participate to reduce the impact on the environment.
More specifically, home automation timers by Somfy can be considered among those systems that can reduce the environmental impact and can act autonomously when certain conditions occur.
For example, the light sensors positioned on the blinds or rolling shutters allow to automatically close them when the external light intensity falls below a certain level.
It usually happens at the first lights of the sunset.

If this function is activated during winter time, it allows to have considerable savings on the electricity bill and therefore consume less electricity for heating the premises.
Somfy fixtures are of the highest quality and have an excellent insulating capacity, which prevents cool air to penetrate inside.
In the same way, the solar sensor allows you to read the internal temperature of the house and to interact with the most appropriate systems (such as activating the air conditioning, closing the window fixtures or drapes) and to keep constant the internal temperature at a predetermined level, without the need to use a greater quantity of energy to cool a superheated environment.
On the contrary, the movement sensors inside the rooms, are vital for the management of the lighting system.
They prevent the lights from staying lit even when in a room there is none.
Moreover, for the lighting system, Somfy offers a special light intensity management system, which is perfect to create different atmospheres within a specific room but also to prevent excessive lighting when not needed.
Home automation solutions by Somfy, satisfy every need making the house automated and more liveable.
Home automation is the future of a smarter home affordable to everyone.

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