Air conditioning, advantages, and disadvantages

The arrival of the summer season has contributed to raising the question related to air conditioning, whether or not AC represents a benefit for our health. We all know that when the hot season arrives, our holidays are far away and we must necessarily go to work and maybe wear a strict dress code, such as jackets and ties in July, the air conditioning seems to be the only solution to handle the hot weather. Therefore, air conditioners become best friends of the elderly who suffer the warm, of workers who are forced to stay inside their offices and of students who prepare their summer exams at home.
It should be pointed out that air conditioning has its pros and cons. In fact, although it can give relief to many people in many situations, very often, the air con is responsible for stiff necks, joint pains, headaches and sometimes even allergies.
Despite these drawbacks, however, air-conditioners have become very popular consumer goods. It has been a while since it has been clarified that the emergence of these disorders is only linked to the poor use of these devices.
For this reason, nowadays, these devices are very commonly installed in large shopping centers, offices, as well as in private houses.

The advantages of air conditioning

The advantages of air conditioning are countless, and in this regard it should be pointed out that a recent study was able to show that a correct use of the air conditioner would reduce by 80% all those health problems related to the excessive hot.
First of all, among the many benefits we must mention, there is the possibility of creating a microclimate in which it is possible to serenely fulfil your everyday life duties. In such an environment it is much easier to lead a normal life, to work, to do the housework and study.


In addition, the air conditioning, if used well, has the advantage of creating an ideal temperature that will help you resting even during the night.
This is a fundamental aspect, if you think that human’s health depends on a good sleep and on a correct sleep.
Air conditioning is also very useful for all those who suffer from cardiovascular problems, for which the intense heat could create serious health issues.
Air conditioning also has countless benefits even for those who suffer from low pressure or sudden strokes of heat. In fact, remaining at home in an environment where the temperature is slightly lower than the external one, can avoid these drawbacks that are unfortunately very frequent during summer.
There was much discussion about the correct temperature on which the conditioner must be set and the disadvantages of air conditioning are linked to this question.
In this regard, experts highlighted once again that air conditioner can be useful only if well used.
This means that if outside there are 30 degrees, we must never adjust the temperature of the air conditioner to create a 20 degrees environment.
There will be some benefits if the temperature difference is between 4 to 5 degrees maximum.

The disadvantages of air conditioning

As several studies have demonstrated, air conditioning can also damage human health, especially if used in a reckless manner.
To avoid the onset of disorders, experts suggest to respect a 5 degrees difference, between the internal and external temperature.
Moreover, it is good practice to clean the filters, to avoid the procreation of insects, as well as the growth of microorganisms, that could spread the Legionella Pneumophila, responsible for the famous legionnaires’ disease and Pontiac fever.


To avoid articular pains and neck stiffness, often caused by the transit from a cold to a warm environment, it is a good idea to wear a scarf around the neck and avoid standing just below the air conditioner, where there is a stronger and cooler emission of air.
Finally, to avoid chest pains, that might worry you and make you think the worst, experts recommend to avoid to sit with your back to the conditioner.
Experts added that it is really important to pay attention to sweating.
In fact, if one is coming back from a long walk outside and is very sweaty, certainly standing under the conditioner could give an initial relief.
However, very shortly the throat and the chest may be start suffering by the effect of the difference in temperature and, as the sweat freezes, this could facilitate the onset of diseases of the respiratory system.
Moreover, it was demonstrated that in this circumstance, if you move from the air conditioner you feel hotter. To avoid the onset of respiratory disorders, experts suggest to breathe as much as you can with your nose, since it humidifies dry air, thus creating a sort of balance between the internal temperature of our body and the outer one.

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