Choosing Bticino for home automation accessories: switches, video intercoms and surround sound systems

Bticino is a leading Italian brand, known in the world. Bticino helped spreading home automation systems. Home automation represents the future of the automation, a solution to many problems, making our everyday life easier. Home automation shouldn’t be seen as a habit or as a whim, but on the contrary, it can be a valuable problem solver in many situations. It can help, for instance, disabled people who, thanks to a properly developed home automation system installed, can be independent.We don’t have to think that home automation is not affordable. In recent times, this technology has become available to everyone. With a little investment, you can buy Bticino entry level home automation systems and gadgets. Bticino is a valuable ally for the planning of a modern and functional home automation system.
A home automation system helps you managing your domestic systems, such as the lighting, or the home theatre and the surround sound systems. It makes them perfectly manageable and allows you to connect the electronic appliances of today’s apartments, such as the microwave, the refrigerator, the washing machine and the dishwasher. They can be monitored remotely via a smartphone. The heating system as well can be monitored; you can decide whether or not you wish to find your apartment warm when you come back home.

Bticino’s products

Bticino solutions for home automation are countless. The catalogue of the Italian company presents many different solutions and products for every single category, to give the consumer valid alternatives also in terms of costs. The products in the catalogue can be divided among:

  • Lighting and heating automation systems
  • Management of the shutters and of safety equipment, such as antitheft alarms and resetting electrical systems
  • Coordination of various systems for obtaining the required atmosphere
  • Management of the surround sound system in different areas of the house
  • Consumptions management


Bticino touch switches are among the best products of home automation available on the market. There are three different lines, Axolute, Living Light and Matix, featuring elegant style and design, yet being functional.

Video intercoms

Bticino video intercoms are very interesting products. They are suited to be integrated into a home automation system. There are many different devices. In some cases, they can come with a large touch screen for a better interaction with the user. Bticino intercoms are modern and elegant, allowing maximum safety control at the main entrances of the premises. The Class 300 model, for example, presents many interesting features for the user, such as the possibility of recording some video frames of those who rang the intercom while nobody was at home. You can also record a warning message, that is going to be automatically played when nobody is at home. Among all the functions of this last generation intercom, there is also the possibility to automatically open the gate whenever a call is received. Therefore, people with limited mobility, won’t need to go to the intercom to open the door.

Surround sound systems

To integrate a home automation system with useful and fun accessories, Bticino has also invented Nuvo, the elegant and sophisticated wireless surround sound system, that can be connected to a portable device or to a computer, to stream music throughout the house. It can be controlled by an application, that needs to be installed on your smartphone or tablet and then connected to the home automation system. Just with a few touches, you can play music, choose the song you wish to play, adjust the volume and even choose which room you want the music to be played, and you can even exclude some rooms. Obviously, Nuvo must be combined with a surround sound system, such as the one proposed by Bticino. AccentPLUS® 1 is a system of speakers, that with a clean and undistorted sound, allows the music to be played smoothly throughout the house. AccentPLUS® 1 can also be connected to the video system of the house, to provide the best listening experience of a surround sound movie theatre, all managed by the Nuvo switchboard.


Regarding temperature management, Bticino has designed a zone control system, that allows you to set the right temperature in every room of the house, simply by presetting it from the control panel or, alternatively, from your smartphone. This, a part from allowing you to program the turning on and off, allows you to preset the temperature level, even on a daily basis, by setting different values for every day of the week depending on specific requirements. For example, with a home automation system, you can adjust the ideal temperature of the bathroom, depending on the time you set your alarm. Besides the comfort that a home automation system can provide, the Bticino program allows you to save on your energy consumptions, reducing dispersions by setting exactly, the level of temperature you wish to be reached.

Antitheft alarms

Security is also important for Bticino, especially everything that regards safety. The antitheft alarm connected to the home automation system, relies on the presence in the home of several small cameras that control specific chosen areas. The images are then sent to the associated smartphone, where you will be able to see them. The main objective of Bticino developers is to allow you to have your house constantly under control. Their target is to provide the customer with the maximum comfort.

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