La Triveneta cavi provides 175 km of electric cables for a new state of the art production facility in Africa

About 175 kilometers of FG16(O)R16, H07RN-F, FS17 (for a total of 215 tons) designed and manufactured by La Triveneta Cavi have been purchased and will be installed by our African partners Elektrint Nigeria Ltd. for the construction of an impressive new production site Nigeria, on a plot of land of more than 16 hectares.



With the construction of the new plant, the completion of which is taking place in these days, the company will become the largest producer of BOPP + BOPET films on the African continent; for their processing the company uses advanced technology managed by the French group ESOPP.

Given the scope of the project and the structure of this impressive construction, the cables required must ensure considerable energy flows and a high level of safety (important cable sections). The project was followed by our partners Elektrint Nigeria Ltd, specialized in Electrical and Hydraulic Engineering, Air Conditioning, Pipelines and Fire Protection, Surveillance Systems and Pre-Fabricated Structures, operating in Africa for over 36 years, who have chosen to use the CPR cables of La Triveneta Cables, which meet European regulatory requirements, the highest and most restrictive in the world. The choice to use the Italian cables of La Triveneta Cavi, recognized in the selection phase as the ideal product, brings to our company a great prestige and allows us to further expand our brand on the African continent that in the future is the one with the greatest margin of development in the coming years.





Here are the three types of cable used for the system:

FG16(O)R16: Used for fixed installation in industry and construction sites, suitable for outdoor, indoor, on metal structures or in the open air, can also be used in damp environments and at risk of fire. Good ability to prevent the spread of fire.

H07RN-F: Used mainly for mobile installation in indoor or outdoor environments, to supply energy to machinery and equipment for the construction of infrastructure. Much appreciated for its excellent resistance to mechanical stress.

FS17: Used for fixed installation inside ducts and pipes inside buildings, for lighting and power supply in offices.

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