With Safety you can’t joke!

Safety at work has always been a fundamental aspect for La Triveneta Cavi Spa. To keep the level of awareness high, last Saturday, 2 December, all workers were invited to the sports hall in Brendola to attend a pleasant event. In fact, the company, with its Internal Trade Union Representatives and the participation of the CGIL, CISL and UIL territorial trade union organizations, staged an educational theater show, based on the themes of environmental health and safety in the workplace, entitled ‘How Long Does a Second Last? Don’t mess with safety’.

On stage, the well-known local actor G.Meggiorn, supported by Mr.P.Piludu, entertained those present, but also left several hints for reflection on the importance of safety, both environmental and in the workplace.

La Triveneta Cavi opens its doors to the future electrotechnicians of ITIS E.Divini of San Severino Marche

Learning is one of the values in which La Triveneta Cavi strongly believes, and if the beneficiaries of an educational experience are the new generations, the satisfaction doubles.

With this spirit, LTC accepted the request of the teachers of ITIS E.Divini of San Severino Marche and last Friday, November the 10th, opened its doors to classes 5°B and 5°C of the Electronics and Electrotechnics course. 

After a corporate presentation, the students made a guided tour of the plant’s departments, walking through the entire production process. The visit then continued in the LTC test room where the future electrotechnicians were introduced to the equipment used for internal product quality tests.

For LTC, it was a real pleasure to give these young people the opportunity to experience the company’s reality.