La Triveneta Cavi crosses national borders and opens its first factory in Moldova

La Triveneta Cavi has recently inaugurated a new plant in Straseni, Moldova, equipped with a state-of-the-art technology and extending over 150.000 square meters.

foto di gruppo inaugurazione stabilimento moldavia


The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development financed one-third of the project.

This new factory will act as a “bridge” towards the Eastern European and Asian markets. It will also allow reinforcing the range of products offered to more traditional markets of Western Europe, such as the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

As Costantino Ambrosini, Managing Director of LTC affirmed: “this investment has not to be seen as a strategy for outsourcing and reducing the sales volumes of our Italian factories. It has to be seen as the driving force for all those products “Made in Italy”, manufactured in our Italian factories. ”

At the same time, this new factory has strengthened the company’s international vision to manufacturing and opening on new markets.

This enlargement in Moldova must not be seen as the only result of LTC growth over the past 3 years. It must be regarded as a desire for growing in innovation.  LCT is planning to take on new challenges that will see as key players, the warehouse located in the area of Vicenza. A brand new, fully automated storage, 26 meters high, will connect the two factories in Brendola. This project will become operational during 2017.

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