BMW i3 or the perfect electric car

Our company always focuses on technological innovations, as well as on the impact, they may have on the environment. Therefore, we decided to analyze what it has been defined, as a real revolution for BMW. We are talking about the electric BMW car. This car is entirely focused on eco-sustainability and alternative propulsions. Let’s try to have a closer look to better understand the technical specifications, all the advantages and possible disadvantages of this car.

Presentation of different models

BMW i3 is the name chosen for this new jewel, by the renowned German company. Of course, it comes in different models, colors and versions.
Every model comes with the same technical features, but different optional, to satisfy everyone’s needs.
The BMW i3 electric car appears redesigned. The frame is made of carbon and aluminum, and the quality of its materials can be seen as well, in all the other parts of the car.
These consist exclusively of recycled and natural products. Even the car’s interiors do not betray the environment.
The dashboard and some parts of the doors are made of recycled fibers.
Some versions will have specific and ecological wood inlays on the dashboard. Certainly, the price does not go unnoticed, it is around €36,000,00, but basically this is the price that needs to be paid for environmental sustainability.
Perhaps, this represent the starting price for a better future, that’s why we need to think about it very carefully.
In this regard, it could be helpful reading an interesting article published on the italian Quattroruote magazine.
The article only focuses on the advantages of using a car daily, while entirely omitting the fuel matter.
To address this issue, the magazine took as an example, the BMW i3. The article can still be read on Quattroruote magazine.

The i3 basic model allows a total range of approximately 160 kilometers, but in fact according to the test drive, it can also go up to 200 kilometers. How is that possible? Using the Eco Pro or Eco Pro + modes.

For being an electric car, the battery life is very decent, but everything depends on your personal use and needs.
If you are an urban driver, the classic version of the i3 will be just fine. If this is not the case, you will need to add an extra €4,650,00, to get the BMW i3 Range Extender.
This model is simply equipped with a dual engine, the so-called twin-cylinder petrol engine, that stars working only in case of an emergency, if the battery charge falls below 10% of the remaining range. However, we are still talking of a 2-cylinder petrol engine, with a Euro 6 certification.
With this car, you will be traveling 300 kilometers without any problems.

Strengths and weaknesses

We carefully studied the test drive, to better understand all the characteristics of this new BMW revolution.
Since independent car experts took the car for a test drive, we now have a better, objective idea of the car’s performance.
If you want to watch an interesting report of the test drive, on the beautiful streets of Amsterdam, you can click on the following link:

After having carefully studied this, and other tests drive, we draw our conclusions and we are now happy to share them with you.

The BMW i3 looks like a very solid and compact car. The driving is safe and fairly accurate.
It is very nimble in traffic and in doing maneuvers, thanks to its light but powerful steering. The BMW i3 is suitable in the city and for traveling during peak hours.
Cornering performance is discreet, the rolling is almost nil and slightly loses stability if the speed is higher, but quickly regains control thanks to its excellent traction system.

There is a very good balance between the features that compensate some of the car missing characteristics. However, driving on steep or bumpy roads, represents, a negative characteristic for the car:

In fact, we found that the balance of the new BMW i3 is pretty stiff: the center of gravity is low, affected by the weight of the batteries, and it has certainly been calibrated on the standards of sports car.
This, on the one hand provides a comfortable and pleasant driving, but on the other end, if the roads are disrupted, the car will be less comfortable.
What happens is that, the electronic controls come into operation immediately, but they are not powerful enough to hold the car balance over bumps taken with a medium-high speed.

We must clarify some points regarding the brakes. In every model of the electric BMW, a so-called “one pedal feeling” braking system, that provides for the partial recovery of kinetic energy, has been integrated.

Well, we are ahead regarding technological innovation, but this assumption is fine as long as you get used to the new operating system.
We will give you an example. Normally, it is common when close to a traffic light, to remove the foot from the accelerator. Well, with one pedal feeling, doing so, will make the car slowing down too abruptly. So, you will need to learn to brake progressively, and once you will get used to it, you will notice that the brake often is not even used.
Many people complained about this, but we believe that once you get used to it, you may start liking it.
A great advantage of this car is represented by the choice of placing the electric engine next to the transmission system, that is to say at the rear of the car. This allows the i3 to have a greater stability and a very good balance on the car axes, allowing a better driving.
If we want to point out two last disadvantages of this car, we must add that these last two factors could be improved:

– Consumption is still pretty high. It is around 0,95 € per Km;

– Interiors: both the boot and the passengers space are very limited.

Final conclusions

After this rather objective presentation of the BMW i3, we must admit that we are dealing with a great electric car.
If you care about the environment and energy saving, this is an option you want to evaluate.
As with any new technology, improvements, definitely need to be made, and we do certainly not recommend to take the e-car for long journeys.
This is a solution for urban use, that enables you to benefit of the advantages while neglecting the disadvantages, with good chances to pay off the cost in a few years.

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