TEDx Vicenza 2016: Interview with Costantino Ambrosini, Managing Director of LTC

Our Managing Director, Costantino Ambrosini, interviewed during the second edition of TEDx Vicenza.

TED (acronym of Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a nonprofit organization that organizes events with the purpose of bringing together minds and most amazing and innovative ideas of the global thinking.
Its mission can be summed up as “ideas worth spreading”: TED strongly believes in the power of ideas changing the behaviors and people’s life and how they relate to each other.

TEDx Vicenza 2016,with the theme “Play, Pause, Restart” focused the attention on the need of a constant renewal.
The managing Director, Costantino Ambrosini, directly from the hall , answers to a few questions on the topics covered this year.


In the picture, Massimo Garzotto (one of the event organizers) with our Managing Director Costantino Ambrosini


How can you describe this day of the second edition of TEDx Vicenza?

A great day, full of optimism and food for thought; a succession of emotions with the magnificent run of the show of the never predictable, nice and bright Neri Marcorè, in the wonderful setting of the city Theater of Vicenza.

What were the topics that have been discussed?

Let’s start with the central thread of the day: Play-Pause- Restart, a philosophy that we live every day in the companies and that makes us think about how we do things, which internal and external values we embrace and how we make our productions sustainable and of high value. We always run to get first and beat the competition, and this is the harsh rule of the economy, but off and on we have to stop, take a break, value things from a different perspective (such as the one of workers, consumers, community around us, suppliers, etc..) and reformulate our value proposal starting over with a new formula, new concept or different choices in the production.

You talked about optimism before: which are the actions that led to Vicenza, and the other 5 places connected by streaming, a positive wind?

Actually, all the participants have described life experiences that have seen a redeemed, an idea, a dream, an inspiration, being rewarded with positive and satisfying results that regenerate the conscience and the enthusiasm of people, especially from the personal point of view, but which has certainly an important professional aspect for the Companies, or in medicine, of environmental protection and technological progress.

How do you judge all these movements that in the last few years have stimulated people to change?

It is a real cultural revolution that starts from the bottom through motivated people and to intervention of volunteers that feel the need of changing and see, young people in particular, as the major players. The goal is to bring together the minds and the most amazing and innovative ideas of a “think out the box”, without conditioning and barriers

For those wishing to deepen these issues and thus the awakening of mind, what would you recommend?

Well, first of all clean your mind and be ready for an introspective journey, then connect to YouTube and watch some videos of TED US (for those who speak English) or the various Italian TEDx, like the one of today in Vicenza, that through witnesses and participations of the speakers certainly will be a source of inspiration, not to get answers, but to get to get the right questions …


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