Review of the Schlage Camelot Lock

Ensure the security of the house entrances is one of the main goals pursued by all companies that manufacture closure and door security devices. Modern IT and electronic technologies applied to the closure of the main points of access have greatly improved the security and anti-burglary protocols. In this context, it is very interesting to analyse a particular device conceived for the safety of residential access. We offer at this regard some ideas of analysis and descriptive indications of a particular lock, the Camelot.

Schalnge Company

schlageToday’s Schalage entrepreneurship is the result of the last century.
The first invention of Walter Schlage, patented in 1909, was a lock for the main entrance door that had the ability to turn on and turn off the lighting system.
However, the beginning of the company’s history goes back to 1920, when Walter Schlage definitively leaves Western Electric and starts his own company, with the aim of developing locking tools and devices, to be installed on the door handles. Since then, technologies and know-how related to the access control have tremendously improved.
Today Schlage offers solutions to improve the style and the safety of the premises entrances and egresses, through the production of reliable and efficient smart-home devices.
Schlage brand can be found in over 40 million homes, transforming simple doors in pieces of furniture able to maximise safety and comfort.
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Description of the Schlage Camelot lock

schlage-camelotSchlage Company’s motto is “Protect Your Home from wherever you are when your smartphone is connected to Camelot”.
Schlage slogan is simple but allows us to understand the core of the Camelot locking system, i.e. a great component of a home automation system applied to residential access.
Camelot device consists of two symmetrical boxes, one inside and one outside.
The external box is equipped with a handle, a key patch and a coded keypad.
The internal box, instead, is provided with a handle and a control system made of a lock and unlock push button.
Design, weight, size and quality of materials make this lock compatible with any kind of door.
Camelot Lock exploits the Z-Wave technology, i.e. a wireless technology that allows to control remotely, with a smartphone, the device functionality. Basically, through a digital command, it is possible to open and close the door.
The device ensures the safety of the door by checking a specific identification code of the source of the opening signal.
The mechanical device of the lock is guaranteed for life and made with a lightweight and resistant metal alloy.
The memory circuit is pre-set with 19 channels (other products of the line feature up to 30) for storing safety input codes.
The mechanical system is certified according to the standard protocol Grade 2 ANSI/BHMA. Grade 2 ANSI/BHMA is a protocol of intermediate quality based on the assessment of operational requirements, resistance, finishing and quality of materials (more details are available on the following website
This Protocol is the most used for residential safety products of a high quality.
The keypad, located on top of the handle, is equipped with an epoxy coating to prevent discoloration and resistant from wearing.
The device features three alarm modes: activities, tampering and forced entry.

This feature allows you to be alerted when there are potential security threats to your domestic environments.
The insertion of the code allows you to automatically activate the locking device, while this can be done manually from the inside of the premises, by simply acting on the key lock and unlock buttons.

The peculiarities of the Schlage Camelot system

smartphone_app_camelotThe Schlage Camelot locking system, as all the other products of the line, is inspired by home automation.
Home automation tends to automate a long series of commands, which were first carried out by a direct interaction between men and machines.
It seems clear that only one device does not create a completed home automation system, but contributes to the achievement of a greater network capable of ensuring more comfort and safety. This is a really interesting and important starting point of analysis, mainly addressed to professionals who are called to carry out refurbishing and construction plans.
Basically, the real features of the Schlage Camelot smart lock are not related to its excellent mechanical system, but to the featured Z-Wave technology, and to its flexibility to integrate into a more complex system.
That is why, it is very interesting to think of this device as part of a greater system.

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