Review of RING bell

This product manufactured by the homonymous start-up named Ring, is a smart device that was designed to simplify our daily life and make our houses smarter. What is it exactly?The Ring is a smart bell, the updated version of the popular Doorbot, the starter model launched on Kickstarter crowd-founding platform in 2012 and already awarded by users with 250,000 dollars.   With this new model, Ring is introducing a series of important innovations in terms of design, features, and performance. There are two variants of Ring: the Basic and the Pro.

How does Ring work?

Ring is a smart ball, so it does not simply reproduce the classic ding-dong sound.  First of all, Ring features a fixed camera, with a 180° view angle capable of capturing images in real time and recording a high-resolution video.
The quality of the video featured by the Basic Ring is not very high (720p HD at 30 frames per second), while the Pro model records 1080p HD.
Moreover, thanks to its integrated microphone, the Pro ring transfers, and records input sounds, while reducing the echo and background noises thus improving the general quality of the audio.
Finally, thanks to its two powerful speakers, positioned in the lower part of the device, the Pro ring will allow to clearly communicate with anyone who rang the bell.
Its best feature, the one that makes this product unique, is its capacity to connect with the home Wi-FI network and to interact with any configured and Internet-connected devices.
Warning: the external device does not need to be connected to the same Wi-FI network, it simply needs to be connected to the Internet.
The Wi-FI module can connect to any 802.11 b/g/n network.
The basic version is only equipped with a 2.4 GHz frequency band, while the Pro version also works on 5 GHz.
Thanks to the integrated Wi-FI module, Ring allows you to answer the bell while you are on the sofa watching TV.
You can also answer even when you are not physically at home, for example when you are out shopping or stuck in the traffic.



Therefore, Ring can be helpful in many situations that would require you to be at home.
Curiosity: on the official web site of the product,, there is a section named Customer Stories where different clients posted videos showing how useful Ring is for their everyday life.
Ring is certainly a deterrent for thieves and trespassers, as well as a useful device to communicate with the postman or a police officer.
Ring also features other characteristics that make it ideal for video surveillance.
First of all, it is equipped with motion sensors: the device automatically activates if it detects movements nearby, and notifies the user immediately.
Moreover, it is also fitted with an infrared sensor capable of immediately capturing images even in the dark or under low light conditions.
Both versions – the Basic and the Pro – feature these functions, but only the Pro version allows to manage and set up an advanced configuration of the motion sensors.
More specifically, it is possible to orient the sensor in such a way as to focus on some areas (for example, the pavement of the garden), while excluding less relevant areas.
The recorded video can be directly loaded on the cloud, thanks to an “owner service” offered by Ring.
After 30 days free trial, this service costs 3 dollars per month (or 30 dollars per year) and allows you to download, view and share ( with the police, for example) some footage filmed 6 months earlier.
Unfortunately, at the moment there are no alternatives, that is to say, that it is not possible yet to either use a memory card or record videos on a hard disk drive connected to the network.
If there is no cloud storage available, the user can view the footage only on the spot, and can only interact in real time with anyone outside the door.
For this purpose it is possible to use a computer (the only compatible operating system is Windows), a smartphone or a tablet (both Android and iOS) duly configured.
The procedure is easy, intuitive and is extremely well explained on the official website, under the Online Setup Guide session.
In summary, a pairing (coupling) between Ring and the selected device, that takes place on different levels, is required.


First of all, it is required to register your product on the official website. Afterwards, the Ring and the selected device must directly communicate.
It goes without saying that Ring has developed dedicated apps for smartphones and tablets that do not only manage the pairing process, but also all the features related to the bell.
The pairing process happens automatically and the user shall make only a few simple steps.
Even the installation itself is very easy.
The basic version can be directly connected to the electric grid. If there is a black-out the device will rely on the 52 mAh integrated rechargeable battery.
On the contrary, the installation of the Pro version requires at all times a connection with the electric grid. Inside the box, you will find all the required elements.
In terms of design, both versions are very elegant and immediately give the impression of dealing with a high-tech and remarkable object.
However, there are some design differences between the two models.
The Pro version has a much more refined design. It features a smaller box equipped with interchangeable plates (the box comes with 4 different plates already).
On the contrary, the basic version comes in different colours.

Where can you buy it?     

ring_packagingRegarding the price, the basic version can be directly purchased for 199 dollars on the official website, either through Paypal or credit card.
The Pro version cost 249 dollars.   On the official website, there is a clear table that highlights the main features of the two versions (
Shipping the product to Italy costs 20 dollars and, according to what the company stated, the parcel takes between 5 to 7 working days to reach its final destination.
If you are not satisfied, it is possible to send the Ring back (paying out your own pocket the return expenses) and get a full refund within 30 days from purchase. Ring’s warranty lasts for only one year after the date of purchase.

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