La Triveneta Cavi is close to its Marches’ local workers, who were affected by an earthquake on October 26th and October 30th

In the evening of October 26th and in the morning of October 30th, one of the strongest earthquakes since 1980 – when a terrible earthquake destroyed the area of Irpinia – affected our employees from the Marches, who work for La Triveneta Cavi factory in Tolentino, near Macerata. The earthquake had a magnitude of 6.5 and its epicentre was in Norcia.


The following days’ aftershocks occurred with an unprecedented frequency. Serious and extensive damages to homes and buildings, that are part of the historical and artistic heritage of the central part of Italy, were registered. Small villages were entirely destroyed. It will take time and a lot of patience before these villages can be rebuilt to assure a better future for thousands of displaced people who, since the first hours after the earthquake, relied on the help of the Italian Civil Protection, friends and relatives.
La Triveneta Cavi purchased its Marches factory in 1991 and since its first days, our friends and colleagues from the Tolentino factory, have shown to be incredibly motivated and hard workers. These characteristics, they share with their Venetian colleagues, will certainly help them in rebuilding what has been lost.

The company has immediately participated, helping, donating and intervening personally within the area, while committing to protect the working environment and ensuring its safety. The target is to continue investing to consolidate the good working trend that the company has shown during these past two years, while trying to face the everyday new needs and finding solutions that will guarantee prosperity and future perspectives.


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