CPR regulation: 9 answers to 9 questions

Here, you will find all you need to know about the new Construction Products Regulation, which has brought significant changes to the European power cable market.

As the result of more than 40 seminars held throughout Italy by La Triveneta Cavi, we made a video containing the most common nine answers along with the most common nine questions that were asked by technicians, project managers, electricians and installers.

  1. What is the CPR regulation and which kind of buildings are involved?
  2. What is the purpose of the CPR regulation?
  3. How do you measure the performance of cables in case of fire?
  4. How to get CPR certification?
  5. How many and which cables have been CPR certified by La Triveneta Cavi?
  6. When did the CPR Regulation enter into force?
  7. Do the functional characteristics of the cable remain the same?
  8. What is the DPO and what is its purpose?
  9. How is the CPR Regulation related to the CE marking?


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