10 Tips and Tricks to Help You Save Energy in Your Home

When you want to save on your energy bills, you just cannot do it without putting in place various tricks that can help you cut costs. What tips should you apply? Let’s try to find them out together.

Standby and switch-off

When it comes to reducing electricity bills, you cannot ignore putting devices on standby and switching them off. You have to understand that putting a device on standby does not mean turning it off. While the device is on standby, it continues to function in any case. Therefore, this means that people continue to pay more for their energy bills than they should. How to prevent this from happening? An extremely simple way would be turning off your devices instead of putting them on standby. At the end of the day, all you need to do is press the power off button… easy, right? Besides, it is one of those actions that can help you save a lot of money.

Maximum light vs. natural light

Many people misuse their light switches at home. Indeed, to reduce the cost of your bills, you can consider making the most out of daylight. Natural light is still a great way to illuminate a room. To further increase the effect of sunlight, the idea of changing your furniture can be considered. By creating more space, the room will also be better lit and the bill costs will be reduced.

Halogen bulbs?

Until recently, halogen bulbs were widely used almost everywhere in Europe. Halogen bulbs caused high energy consumption and had roughly good characteristics.

As of September 1, 2018, these bulbs were officially banned by the European Union bill number 244 of 2009. Nowadays there are many eco-friendly alternatives. Thanks to these alternatives, the European Union will be able to save 48 TWh of energy, that, to be clear, represents the consumption of all Portugal. The alternatives are not very expensive, they do not always have lower efficiencies and yet offer excellent possibilities. To save even more energy it is better to prefer low consumption bulbs rather than particularly high consumption ones. Among the many alternative bulbs, it would be better to focus on LED bulbs.

The refrigerator is so energy-consuming!

If there is one home appliance that consumes much more than the others, it is certainly the refrigerator. It consumes a lot of electricity, so it is worth considering changing it or using it less. Not only that! You should also pay as much attention as possible to everything about its position. The refrigerator should be placed about ten centimetres from the wall and preferably away from heat sources such as radiators or ovens. Do not exceed with lowering the internal temperature, 4 to 6 degrees Celsius are enough.

Beware of the washing machine

A very similar point must also be raised regarding the washing machine. It is always better to use it with a full load and, if possible, in the evening more than in the morning. It is not only necessary to put a few clothes in the washing machine and make it work: it is a waste of electricity and water. You can even use it without the pre-washing mode, which is another waste and often useless.

Using the air-conditioner

If at home the temperature is too low or too high, you cannot help yourself but use the air conditioner. However, you must understand that this is another appliance that consumes a lot of electricity. To save money when using the air conditioner, it is recommended not to set the temperature too low or too high. Often, even a change of a few degrees is enough to reach the perfect temperature to stay in a room. It is also a good idea to clean your air conditioner, as this will allow you to save energy and improve the quality of the air.

Using the oven

On the market, you can find many types of ovens. You can find the ones consuming more and the ones consuming less. Among the many types of ovens available, you can choose the one with the lowest energy consumption. Moreover, when you switch on the oven, why not choose the ventilated cooking mode? This type of cooking can help you maintain the temperature at uniform levels and often very low.

The iron: is it compulsory to use it?

According to some university researchers, ironing can now be dispensed with. The reason why? You can avoid the wrinkles on the clothes by spreading them out well. Leaving them in the sun for a while and spreading them out well will allow the sun itself to eliminate unwanted wrinkles. Of course, your clothes will not look perfect, but the wrinkles will not be many. Besides, garments that are a bit wrinkled seem to be in fashion lately. Indeed, it seems to have become part of a trend.

Beware of what you buy!

When you need to buy an appliance, you should, first of all, pay attention to all the features regarding their energy consumption class, choosing preferably from class A upwards. This is an initial investment that will give people a lot of satisfaction in the long run. Energy classes such as A+, A++, and A+++ are great for cutting down on bills as they require very little electricity to operate smoothly. Faced with a small initial cost, the benefits can become substantial!

You need to read the bills!

Saving starts with getting information. You need to know how much and when you consume energy. That is why it is essential to read your home bills. It is not enough to simply check the amount to be paid, but also how much electricity is consumed. If you are not satisfied with the rate charged, why not changing your electricity and gas supplier? Leaving the Public Market and choosing a supplier in the Free Market could help you save significantly!

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