What is the Netatmo thermostat? How does it work? How should you install it?

Netatmo is a French company that manufactures and sells products for the electronics. The Netatmo smart thermostat, that carries the same name of the company, has been recently launched on the Italian market as well. This product is one of the most innovative of its range, as it allows to manage remotely, via a smartphone, computer or tablet, the home temperature.

A smart thermostat

The Netatmo thermostat, designed by Philippe Starck, has been conceived to adapt to the habits of the user. Thanks to its self-control feature, the thermostat adapts depending on the outside temperature and the building insulation, creating a comfortable home temperature. The thermostat activates the heating system, minimizing the time needed to reach a suitable temperature.
How often, during the coolest days of the winter, you had to wait for the house to get warm? Thanks to Netatmo you won’t need to worry about it anymore. Through a simple app, you will be able to monitor your house temperature and decide when to activate the heating system. The Auto-Adapt feature of the thermostat will tell you exactly how much time is needed to reach the ideal temperature, thus avoiding consuming unnecessary energy.
But, this isn’t all. The smart thermostat will constantly monitor and analyze your energy consumption, proving an updated report. The Netatmo app is compatible with all major platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. The package comes with a complete and easy user guide.
In addition to the thermostat, the box includes the Relè, a support, a wall mounting plate, a power adapter, a USB cable, three AAA batteries and plugs with screws. The user guide shows three different installing options. Please consider the first option whenever an old thermostat must be replaced. The second option has to be considered when replacing an existing Wi-Fi thermostat. The last and third option, which is slightly more complex, is applicable if you have never had a thermostat before. Let’s consider the most common situation, that is to say the replacement of an old thermostat.

How to install a Netatmo thermostat

First of all, you should verify that the existing system is compatible. This can be done very easily. You just need to go on the Netatmo website and fill in some simple information, related to the characteristics of the existing heating system. Once you have confirmed that it is compatible, you can proceed with the installation. First, remove the existing thermostat from the wall. If you have already replaced an electricity plug, it is a very simple task, otherwise you will just need to be patient, as it will take a little longer.
At this point, by using a drill, you’ll have to make new holes to fix Netatmo to the wall. Fix the plate and the support of the thermostat to the wall.
Now, you will have to pass the two old thermostat wires through the support and connect them to the new thermostat, following the instructions on the user guide. Finally, connect the Relè, that comes with the Netatmo thermostat, to an electricity plug. The installation is now completed. To control the system remotely, you will need to download the app “NetAtmo Thermostat”. Once the Bluetooth is activated, you will be able to start the configuration. Netatmo will ask you some questions related to your domestic habits, and characteristics of the house, to create a first basic programming, that you will then be able to further customize, even if you are far away from your house!

Latest updates

Finally, here you have a list of the latest updates of the Netatmo smart thermostat. As we have already mentioned, among the latest additions, there is the feature that, month by month, creates an energy report, that summarizes your energy consumption. The report compares your consumption with people who have your same characteristics. This report is done for you to understand, if you are consuming more than what you should, and analyze the reasons of a possible, excessive consumption.

The second improvement regards the thermostat compatibility with an innovative and free platform called IFTTT. This platform is a kind of an online butler, that once it has received all the required information, will interact with the thermostat autonomously and safely. Finally, the third update regards the Auto Care System, which will alert you in case of problems or failures of the boiler.

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