What is Apple’s home and how could it improve users’ life?

Apple has decided to enter the home automation market and seems to be working on an amazingly revolutionary project. We are talking about Apple’s home. This represents a newly reached target for Apple. Along with the release of iOS 8, Apple has also decided to launch on the market, the Home Kit App.

Through this App, we will have the opportunity to explore a world, which is still unknown to the majority of the users. This App will allow you to easily interact with every kind of home automation device.

In reality, the market already features a series of different solutions that enable you to manage your home automation devices. However, they require a certain amount of switches and remote controls to work. Moreover, these devices are very often used in a completely separate way, thus resulting very impractical. Apple’s ambition is to allow users to comfortably manage all the devices through a single App installed on their iPhones and iPads.


Apple’s home: how does it work?

Certainly, this is a very simple Application to use. It allows you to easily manage, through one single App, the lighting system, thermostats, doors, windows and any household Appliances.

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Apple’s home is commonly defined as being part of the Internet of things that seems to be destined to revolutionise our Approach to all home electronic devices. Home automation is today a reality. We can be sure that we will soon be able to find a solution to an integrated management of all of our Appliances. Apple’s new project is a step forward and represents a crucial starting point.

The company has decided to transform mobile devices in real universal remote controls, through which you can keep under constant control your home, managing all kinds of compatible home automation devices. The App is very simple to use and you do not need to install several Apps to manage all of them. Today you only need to use one single user-friendly interface, to control all of the devices of one or several houses.

Moreover, the App is entirely free and can be installed in a just a few seconds. The configuration of the App is very simple and does not require any specific knowledge, even for those who are not computer savvy.

The setup is very fast, and you can set one or more houses. You can easily control all the devices, and after you have installed the App, you can manage them, as you like. You can for instance set at what time you wish to raise or lower the shutters, to switch on or switch off the lights in the bedrooms or modifying the light intensity. It is also possible to set different settings depending on the day of the week. In other words, the App released by Apple has a lot of potential that will drastically change the way we manage and live our houses. Thanks to this App, we can finally enjoy all comforts of home automation.


Pros of Apple’s home

As we previously mentioned, Apple offers you the opportunity to configure every single home automation device. Make sure these devices are compatible with the App and that can interact with it. A protocol, aiming at helping users in this task, has been drown up.

The App identifies all available devices and adds them to a particular database. After this step, it proceeds with the configuration and the interaction with the devices. During the last phase, the App communicates orders to all the devices. It is important to remind, that Siri will react to various commands. Therefore, you will only need to talk to your iPhone or iPad to manage all the configured household appliances. The operation is very simple and more than one house can be set.

You can easily manage both your main residence and your holiday house. As you may have guessed, you can set the various rooms or areas of the house, in such a way as to allow the App to handle every single input avoiding useless duplications. Apple has had the ambition to make home automation smartphone friendly. The possibility of managing, through an iPhone or an iPad all the devices of a house, represents a real innovation that makes home automation even more justified. It goes without saying that, it has been a long-forward project. A project able to understand consumers’ needs, who despite having opted for an automated home have expressed the need to manage all the devices easily and from their mobile devices.

There is good reason to bet that there will shortly be many other Apps, similar to Apple’s. This App is very useful and seems to be part of those technological innovations that will change people’s habits and life.

Next step: to make all automated devices compatible with this App. In fact, this App can only work seamlessly, if all devices can be set up.

Recently, many home automation devices developed a system which allows them to be found from any Apple mobile device and therefore been managed. The secret behind this integrated system is the interaction, guaranteed by a mutual recognition. Only thanks to a mutual recognition and interconnection, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of living in an automated house. Users will have to agree with the simplicity and convenience of managing all the devices through one simple App.


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