Turning your home into a Smart House has become a reality

If you’ve always dreamt of transforming your home into a Smart House, today is possible without any problems. Home automation has become more accessible, so much so that it represents a simple yet effective solution. smart house smart home

The revival of an industry, thanks to home automation

A few years ago home automation systems were designed and conceived solely for professionals of the industry: engineers, architects, specialists of Smart Houses. And although only a few years ago, few trusted a technology that still had to prove its capabilities, today things have changed a lot.
There are a lot of professionals who deal with it; and even too many people interested in living in a Smart House. The industry, which was in a crisis, has strengthened thanks to the bonuses and incentives of the Italian Law Ecobonus Domotica. Only in the first months of 2018, there was a real boom for home automation systems, as it was confirmed by the data collected by Pedago (a company specializing in this industry).


Is home automation accessible to everyone?

Nowadays, the number of people who have access to home automation tools to transform their home into a Smart House is increasing. Home automation systems are able to remotely control a wide range of “functionalities” of a home. The fact to remotely control allows to reduce power consumption, provides the user with a way to save money and at the same time also reduces environmental impact.

To transform your home into a Smart House you only need to enroll in home automation design and installation courses. These courses explain to you what and how to make your home smarter. These courses are not only open to professionals, who still try to meet the numerous demands, but also to simple curious individuals who want to modernize their homes in a do-it-yourself way and without asking for help from anyone.
Of course, if you want to do a job to the highest standards and especially if you are looking for technologically advanced systems, it is better to contact some specialists.

The only problem, still encountered today, is mostly due to the high costs of home automation systems. Moreover, these arrangements are advanced devices that can make the life of the tenants of a house, much easier. The advantages of these devices are really significant. Home automation helps to optimize rooms lighting, to control the current loads in the electrical system and even to create better heating systems. Thanks to home automation systems, it is easy to remotely control the opening and closing of both doors and windows, as well as the irrigation of the garden (if there is one). Home automation systems are closely linked to the main alarm systems installed in the house, that is to say, that security is always placed first. In addition to all this, home automation can also control the main household appliances in the house.

These tools contribute to creating futuristic places. We are talking of places dedicated to comfort and quiet living. It goes without saying that thanks to home automation systems it is possible to switch on or off the heating even if you are temporarily out of the house. The different home automation devices also allow users to monitor the status of their energy consumption when they are on holiday. The greatest advantage, however, is that you save a lot of money on your bills. A Smart House can represent a considerable saving for the user. For example, a Smart House is able to turn off the light on its own if it the lights are turned on for too long: a nice advantage, considering the prices on the bills, isn’t it?


Do-it-yourself home automation: is it possible and how shall you do it?

You have to understand that it is very difficult to design an entire home automation system from scratch and without the help of an expert. However, there are also some alternatives designed for those who do not want to turn to a professional. We are talking of the so-called “user friendly solutions, capable to make Italian homes immediately Smarter, but with some limits.

Anyone approaching this industry has probably found out that buying a Home Automation Kit is compulsory. This kit is necessary to manage only some areas of a real home automation system. We are talking about Do-it-Yourself Home Kits that include a large range of devices and accessories with a lot of plug-and-play systems, in addition to the usual wireless accessories.

Thanks to these kits you can easily avoid installing an entire system, you can save some money and time. The devices included in this kit are connected to the other systems and appliances in the house, they interconnect with them and create a closed system. Therefore, all the electrical equipment can be managed without any problems from a smartphone, a tablet or a PC. All this can only be done if a special control software or an app are installed on the equipment.

Every Do-it-Yourself Kit is composed of a centralized unit and some adapters (useful to connect the different parts of the system to the central unit of the same). Moreover, the Do-it-Yourself Kit includes sensors, controllers and actuators for specific valves.

The Do-it-Yourself Kit costs 300 euros and the installation takes at least an hour. To turn your home into a Smart House it will only take you a few and simple moves, but you will also require some special knowledge if you do not want to make a disaster.
That’s why if you’re not really sure about what you can do, it might be a better to ask a professional to do it for you. It can represent a great solution


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