The reason for the success of home automation in Italy

Home automation is enjoying growing success in Italy, and this is not surprising. As a matter of fact, this innovative “aspect” of technology, represents an important step forward in the management of the house. Therefore, we can say that there are all the prerequisites for home automation to spread even further.

But what is home automation?

We have certainly heard about it, but let’s try to better explain what we mean when we talk about home automation.

Home automation is the branch of technology that “transforms” devices and appliances inside the house into real “smart” devices. These devices carry out the activities they are responsible for, while we manage them from one point and with maximum efficiency.

If we are used to pushing on the switch to turn off the light, to moving the knob of the oven to switch it on, to manually set the temperature of the room, with home automation these and many other commands can be done through any device connected to the Internet, directly from your smartphone, or even from a tablet or a PC.

The usefulness of home automation

As a matter of fact, home automation succeeds in making our house “Smart”, i.e. it makes its technological management extremely comfortable, as well as the home.

Beyond making our lives more comfortable, other aspects deserve to be highlighted, starting from the fact that any home automation command can be performed even while you are not at home. In a home automation system, you can switch on the light just before entering the house, for example, or you can program the heating to turn on, so as to find a pleasant warm environment on your return.This aspect has very important implications also in terms of security since an alarm can be notified even while you are away from home.

Not to be forgotten is that home automation means savings: if a house is “smart” and can be managed in an efficient way, you can reduce your waste production. This aspect should not be disregarded, and in light of this fact, it is not wrong to claim that installing a home automation system is a kind of investment.

Home automation: its growth is booming in Italy

The Internet Of Things Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano has highlighted that in 2017, the home automation market in Italy grew by +35%, for a value of 250 million euros.

The team of MyVirtuoso Home, i.e. the first Italian wireless home automation system, has highlighted the main reasons that drive Italian consumers to make their home smart: the increased security of the house would be among the main reasons. Equally important are energy savings, both in terms of electricity and gas consumption, the ability to constantly monitor all the house appliances and the perception of greater comfort.

Increasingly affordable costs

All the above-mentioned aspects are more than valid reasons to optimize your house. Savings represent another great reason.

Until a few years ago, owning a home automation system involved very high costs and was therefore considered an authentic luxury, an exclusive optional of extra luxury homes. Today, the costs of home automation systems, as well as, the cost of all the elements related to it have decreased, and sometimes, even considerably. As a result, the number of those who can now afford this type of technological optimization has increased. Nowadays, it would be a mistake to believe that home automation is only addressed to highly expensive and big houses: even a simple apartment, in fact, can benefit of home automation at an affordable price. The fact that prices have decreased has certainly influenced the growth of home automation in Italy and beyond. Technical progress is also crucial: today, for example, it is possible to manage devices produced by different brands through the same apps, without having to open the relative Apps.

Future scenarios of home automation

Therefore, the “home automation revolution”, seems to be living its best era. It should be pointed out that Italy is rather behind other countries, where these technologies are already highly spread.

According to commercial data, it is believed that this industry will grow considerably in the coming years and all its related elements.

First of all, the average level of comfort in a house will increase, while energy waste will be reduced. This will have a great impact on the environment. It is likely that the number of companies operating in this industry will also grow; it goes without saying, that specialized technicians will be needed to carry out new implementations and maintenance operations related to everything that concerns home automation. Home automation will also contribute to increasing the number of employed people.


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