The new trends for home automation

Home automation has gained incredible success in recent times. Just think that people are now abandoning the obsolete energy and security systems to move to systems equipped with artificial intelligence. 

The success of owning a smart house is also due in part to the popularity of tools like Google Nest or the famous Amazon Echo. As a matter of fact, many people decided to go for a smart house just to follow the trend rather than for a real passion. That is why it is necessary to analyze what the new trends for home automation are in order to stay up to date with the trends of the moment. 

Trends related to entertainment

The latest trends in home automation mostly concern entertainment. In fact, digital and technological tools or devices allow the user to enjoy everything he needs to relax and have fun

Just think that nowadays, many devices allow you to stream your favorite music. You can easily do it with your voice, wherever you are. At the same time, since the music trend is becoming more and more popular, it is thought that in the near future the same thing could happen, with TV broadcasts or even movies. The digital assistants that can be found in systems such as the already mentioned Amazon Echo or Google Home allow you to entertain real conversations and can be useful to get interesting information about daily news, weather forecast or television programs that will be broadcast in the evening. 

Security trends

Many trends are blossoming for the security and protection of your smart home.  

Everyone’s nightmare is to lose the keys of the house. This is no longer a problem if you have a home automation system of the latest generation. The most advanced intelligent protection systems, allow you to open the door of your house simply by using your fingerprint. Normally, this particular home automation system will allow the user to customize a database of fingerprints, thus providing automatic access to the house to a maximum of 99 people

Even, if you have installed surveillance cameras, there are special protection systems that implement facial recognition. Therefore, criminals will find it hard to enter into your house.  

Energy saving and more

A further trend that is beneficial both for the environment and for one’s wallet is the fact that an automation system allows you to save on your electricity bills. There are products that allow you to save a lot of energy consumed during the day. Just think for example of the Google Nest thermostat.  This intelligent thermostat is capable of autonomously adjust the temperature of the house. In this way, you will prevent wasting energy and you will always enjoy a relaxing environment that has the perfect temperature. These special smart thermostats also work when the user is not at home or during the night when the settings cannot be changed manually. 

Basically, it is a real advantage for those who want to save on their bills and pay particular attention to the abuse of domestic energy.  

The Smart Home controls your sleep cycle

It is a reality. Many could find it disturbing, but there are many benefits. Nowadays, the most advanced smart houses could be set up to wake up the user at a certain time. At the same time the system will start to perform morning actions such as opening windows or preparing coffee. However, given the increasing use of this option, it is thought that even the sleep cycle of every person is then controlled and enforced by the smart home. This means that a smart home can statistically control the inhabitants resting habits and advise when it is time to go to sleep to feel perfectly rested the next day. In this way, you can avoid to be tired and exhausted due to a bad rest. 

It seems that the latest trends in home automation can lead humanity to a new condition, almost science fiction in some ways. It goes without saying that hopefully, any innovation in the field of home automation will allow you to live in a better future.

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