The best 2016 smart thermostats

What are smart thermostats? They are temperature controllers featuring a very special and unique technology, that enables them to be controlled remotely, via a smartphone or through other supported devices. Thanks to the development of technology, these thermostats have been widely spread all over the world, and today, many models can be easily found in any store specialized in hydraulics and electronics. Thanks to the feedback given at the beginning of this year, by customers who purchased these thermostats, we are now able to create a list and establish which thermostat has been considered as the best thermostat on the market for 2016. The ranking will be made up of five different products, featuring different retail prices and the most relevant features will be pointed out. The thermostats will be ranked in an ascending order, from the lowest to the top quality.


The first position in the ranking goes to the NetAtmo thermostat. With an approximate retail price of €179 – installation not included – this thermostat is a great value for money.
This product has many features that allow a perfect heat distribution throughout the day. In fact, this thermostat can be controlled and configured remotely through a special app, that can be downloaded for every kind of smartphone. Through the app you can set the heating system, modify the home temperature and monitor the house. Furthermore, there is a special function that will alert you if there is a malfunction of the heating system.
Moreover, its artificial intelligence is very developed. Thanks to a few simple questions you are required to answer, the thermostat will elaborate them and will configure your typical day, setting the heating system accordingly. Finally, there is a program that generates an energy performance periodic graph, where decreases and increases of energy consumption are highlighted. The design is very neat and the thermostat is very compact.


According to customers’ feedback, the second place goes to the Momit thermostat. With a retail price of €199 – installation not included – this product is a good value for money, making it ranking eligible. The thermostat can consume very little even in the busiest times. In fact, it seems that people who installed this thermostat, have registered a decrease in their energy consumption by 30% compared to what they would have consumed with a conventional one. Moreover, thanks to an app connected to the thermostat, the owner of the house can keep an eye on the energy consumption and costs, adjusting them whenever and wherever he wishes. This thermostat also features a geo-location functionality, that switches off the heating system if the owner is very far from the house. Finally, the thermostat comes with a LCD screen or touch screen, to be able to manually adjust the temperature and the thermostat settings. The design of Momit is very modern and attractive and its dimensions are fairly compact.

Salus iT500

The thermostat Salus iT500 is in the middle of our ranking. This thermostat can be considered as part of the medium-high range of this type of temperature controllers. Its retail price is around €250. This product is able to turn on or off the heating system and to maintain a certain constant temperature, that must be previously set by the house owner.
The heating system can be configured either via a special app installed on your smartphone, or from a computer connected to the Internet.
The touch screen display that comes with the thermostat is very user friendly and intuitive. It allows customers to configure the thermostat in a simple and direct way. Salus iT500 also features a geolocation functionality, that limits energy consumption by turning off or turning on the heating system depending on the geographical location of the owner. Finally, you can preset certain moments of the day, in which the water is constantly heated. Therefore, you will always have hot water at specific moments of the day, such as for instance, when you come back from work. You can also set this option via your smartphone. The Salus iT500 design is very nice and modern, and its dimensions are pretty compact.

Honeywell Homexpert THR992GRT Evohome

The fourth place goes to the Honeywell Homexpert THR992GRT Evohome thermostat.
Its retail price is around €268, and it’s a great value for money. More specifically, this product is a real and complex system, that includes a temperature controller, electronic controllers and a modem to collect all the information from the different rooms of the house. Furthermore, it features a system that allows to drastically diminish the energy consumption of the entire house up to 40%. There is also a special feature that will switch on the heating system a little before its actual use, making it ready for use. All preferred settings and configurations can be directly set from the thermostat touch screen, as well as they can be set from any device that supports an Internet connection. The design is very classic, featuring a round shape. The thermostat is compact, so that people won’t stumble on it in the corridor.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Last but not least, we will analyze the model that has the best price-quality ratio according to those customers, who tried it. With only €220, the Nest Learning Thermostat is on the top of our ranking. But what makes it the best? First of all, its automatic switch off feature. The thermostat will automatically switch off the heating systems, when the sensors will detect that no one is at home. Moreover, the product is able to store your favorite temperature settings and classify them autonomously. Of course, as that is the case for all the other models, this thermostat can be controlled and configured remotely via any device that supports an internet connection. Finally, when the thermostat detects that you are in a specific room of the house, will show you both the actual temperature of the room and the time. Its design is very innovative and it features very sinuous lines. The thermostat is pretty compact, so as not to bother people passing by.

These are the best thermostats for 2016, according to consumers who purchased and tested them.

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