Smart lighting: Ikea goes wireless with its LED bulbs

Even Ikea, the renowned low priced furniture brand that focuses on functionality and respect for the environment, makes a further step towards respecting our planet by choosing home automation solutions that ensure energy savings and greater attention toward the territory.

What wirelss LED light bulbs are


smart lighting Ikea wireless LED light bulbs

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This Ikea Revolution is called Trådfri: Trådfri is a range of LED light bulbs that allows you to illuminate by exploiting the simplest rules of home automation.

Trådfri smart lighting system can be set remotely. You can switch it on or off by simply using your iOS or Android devices.

The Trådfri wireless LED lamps system has already something hidden in its name.

Trådfri, in fact, means “wireless”. It highlights the clever idea behind this lighting system: it can be switched on or off remotely.

The app that allows the correct operation of the bulbs, can be installed on different smartphones or tablets to always guarantee the maximum ease of use.

Like all intelligent lighting systems, Trådfri lamps do not only focus on powering up and turning off, but also allow a wide range of lighting to be selected from the app to avoid unnecessary waste of energy.  It is also possible to choose more or less light intensity, depending on the user’s needs, and change it when necessary. You can do it with your mobile device.

Depending on the lighting requirements and the size of the rooms to be lighted, you can choose one of three different color options, i.e. 2200 K, 2700 K and 4000 K bulbs. Needless to point out that these are LED bulbs, which also offer different mounts depending on the bulb: in fact, mounts for E14, E27 and GU10 models are available.


Ikea, first step towards home automation


ikea smart lighting and wireless LED light bulbs

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Trådfri light bulbs are only the first step towards the creation of a much wider home automation system. In fact, Ikea has already presented a range of illuminating panels and doors, even with smart lighting options that can be managed via the Trådfri app and mobile devices, running with iOS or Android. To offer a series of products meeting the most diverse needs of customers around the world and following Ikea’s philosophy, further accessories are on the go.

The Ikea domotic revolution, however, goes beyond to the simple introduction of Trådfri products. As you can imagine, the renowned Swedish brand has once again chosen solutions that not only respect the environment and are characterized by simple and functional design but above all, are sold for far lower costs compared to the market standards.

Trådfri, therefore, means to aim at a home automation system that can ensure high savings. Needless to point out that smart homes are automatically associated with excessive costs. Once again, Ikea has been able to make a quality product at highly competitive prices, accessible to everybody while retaining high technological standards that make it possible to operate.

In fact, Trådfri’s smart system is based on the same standard used for Philips Hue smart bulbs, i.e. the ZigBee Light Link; these are the most popular wireless standards used in home automation systems.


Therefore, we are dealing with an intelligent system sold at highly competitive costs, able to be used in every room of the house, of the office, and anywhere it may be necessary to improve the lighting system, but above all, able to make you saving on energy consumption.


How much does it cost then?


ikea smart wireless LED light bulbs

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The bulbs have a cost varying between 18 and 25 euros depending on the type of lighting, i.e. color. However, what it is more expensive is the basic system that allows the management of the home automation system. For this, it is necessary to spend about 90 euros. However, if anyone is familiar with the world of domotics will immediately understand that these are absolutely uncommon prices, very low and highly affordable.

The launch of Trådfri smart lights on the European market took place on 31 March. Probably, too little has been spent to understand the success of this product. However, we should definitely expect an important result, especially since the Swedish giant is already ready to make more line products, to improve the availability of models and technical features.

At the moment, the already high capacity control system can manage up to ten points of light, a number that is more than enough in a house of medium sizes.

Ikea’s technological and economic choice could be a real launch pad for all those who are enthusiastic about home automation systems but are unable to access to such technologies because of their excessive costs.

So, if on the one hand smart home apps are increasingly common across the world, particularly in the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates, on the other hand, there are still few families wishing to have a smart apartment. Thanks to Ikea’s intelligent lighting, it’s very likely that we will be experiencing an increase of smart systems.


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