Smart home: review of Mylos free@ home by ABB, for a smarter home

In a time when technology seems to be doing giant strides, home-based technology solutions also keep their levels high, delivering more and more intelligent devices that make our home life simple and functional, a smart home.

From the remote control of alarm and safety systems to the simplest opening and closing of rolling shutters, from heating and cooling systems to light switching and turning off, the modern house can count on a large number of intelligent systems that make our everyday life management not only easier but also provide interesting energy savings and greater comfort.


Smart home: Mylos Free@home by ABB


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Among the latest inventions in the home automation industry, there is Mylos Free@home, a system that allows users to manage all of their home automation systems, from safety to comfort, to energy control.

The main feature of this home automation system is its user-friendliness. As a matter of fact, a series of various systems can be installed and put into operation very easily; such a feature would be unthinkable with other home automation systems.

Basically, thanks to Mylos Free@home, it is possible to quickly and easily install at the same time, a variety of smart house systems. This system allows to save time on the installation while ensuring a perfect functionality, thus making easier the addition of existing or new home automation management systems, which can be added at any time.

In addition to providing easy installation, Mylos Free@home is simple to program and configure, always guaranteeing new and innovative features that ensure a maximum comfort to those who install it in their apartment.


But how does Mylos Free@home work?


Controlling a smart home can be easily done either through a smartphone or a tablet.

These mobile devices become real remote controls allowing users to turn on and off all the different devices of the house, to adjust them or just to control they are working properly.

It goes without saying that to be able to properly use these mobile devices and to control the automation systems of the house, users need to install the specific app, conceived to make this task simple and intuitive.

However, the simplicity of using the app and Mylos Free@home, should not be misinterpreted. If on the one hand, using smart systems can be entertaining – a gadget to show to friends – on the other hand, it helps to improve the user’s lifestyle and, above all, to ensure better energy consumption.


Make your home smart with Mylos Free@home by ABB


Managing your rolling shutters


mylos free at home system and roller shutters


Milos Free@home can be used for smartly manage your roller shutters.

With a basic use of this home automation system, you would simply raise and lower them in the morning and in the evening. But this home automation system has been designed for much more: for example, it is possible to adjust the inclination of shutters, thus ensuring the right light/shade during the day.


You can also set a timer that allows you to adjust blinds and shutters even according to the weather forecast, providing protection against excessive sunshine or against thunderstorms and winds.

All different functions and settings can be adjusted from time to time or set at certain times, simply by using your smartphone or tablet, thus you can operate simultaneously all your house windows even while you are doing other domestic activities or if you are at work.


Heating and air conditioning


mylos free at home system apartment


Often, when talking about home automation and home control systems, the first thing someone may think is the heating, timers and temperature settings, which ensure a perfect temperature in an apartment.

This is even truer when using Mylos Free@home automation system, which allows you not only to define these specific parameters but also to install an ECO mode that adjusts the temperature depending on the time of day, lowering it a few degrees at night or when nobody is at home.

This system allows you to set heaters or air conditioners to be switched off when windows are open or when the house is empty.




mylos free at home system and video intercoms


For an utmost safety of your apartment, Mylos Free@home system can be integrated with a series of video intercoms. In such a way, you will always know who is ringing the doorbell, and even when you won’t be at home, you will be able to remotely connect to the system to check at any time who knocks on your door when nobody is home.

To ensure the best protection for your apartment, Mylos Free@home can be installed on mobile devices, by downloading the dedicated and compatible app for both Android and iOS systems. However, it can also be used on laptops or personal computers, thanks to specific programs that allow to control it remotely control, i.e. by connecting to the Internet.
All the details related to this home automation system, its installation and general information, can be easily found at the following address here.


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