Smart Home is getting a foothold in people’s minds

Today, home automation represents the future with regard to the way people live their home environment. People who decide to renovate an apartment, are more and more often looking at installing those solutions capable of making their homes “smart”. We are talking about solutions that are increasingly integrating into a technological network that allows to coordinate and manage various inputs.
smart home


The principle behind Smart Home is extremely simple: the idea is to try to create a home where the various electronic components, such as webcams, switches, smartphones, locks, tablets, TVs, PCs, thermostats etc. are interconnected with each other, creating a system that could be defined as “smart”.

It is undeniable that today the concept of home automation has become part of our everyday language and represents a new industry where to invest.
The goal of this new way of thinking about technology is to be able to create an environment that is connected in every way with household members. Today it is possible not only to optimize energy consumption but also to create a space that perfectly responds to the stimuli, habits and specific needs of household members. All of this is possible thanks to cutting-edge technologies and automatisms that allow remote management.


Keywords: customize and save

To have a house that meets Smart Home requirements, it is necessary to install a central unit through which it is possible to customize a series of settings to manage the various existing systems. For example, you may decide to automatically raise or lower the electric shutters at a certain time or to turn on and off the lights or the heating and air-conditioning systems when a specific temperature is reached. Thanks to the use of special remote controls or touchscreen control panels, the settings that have been previously selected can also be changed remotely.

The result of these innovative solutions is to have a modern and contemporary home that is welcoming from all points of view and is more secure. As a matter of fact, security devices such as the latest generation of cameras and anti-theft alarms are under the user’s control. Thanks to a more precise management of the different technological elements of the system, it is much easier to measure the energy consumption in a more rational and conscious way than in the past.

Relying on new technologies does not just mean controlling every aspect of the systems installed, but it also means to coordinate them from an economic point of view in a much more profitable and intelligent way than before. It goes without saying that being able to rationalize energy consumption, naturally leads users to adopt and maintain correct behaviours focusing on saving and reducing useless consumption. This represents a very interesting aspect for the final customer.


Benefits of home automation systems

First of all, to make a home smart, you need to have an excellent Internet connection – Ethernet or Wi-Fi – that connects to all the devices installed at home.
How far can these technologies be useful to those who decide to rely on these apps and devices? Check the status of your refrigerator, simulate the presence of household members while you are on holiday thus discouraging thieves, opening the door without having to search for the keys in your bag. These represent just some of the technologies that are already available in the home automation market.

To these options, you can add other settings that are entirely dedicated to your relaxing moments. They contribute to create a certain atmosphere depending on the type of event you wish to organize at home. Think of a normal evening at home: depending on whether it is a romantic dinner, a dinner with friends, or a movie night, you can turn on and off the lights according to the settings you have previously saved. You can also decide to play a certain music in different rooms.


Make a home a smart home

A smart and modern home really opens the road to many possibilities. To achieve such a result, also in view of future improvements and innovations that will be developed in the coming years, it is necessary to build an appropriate house. Moreover, according to the current legislation, those premises that were built in recent years must already plan in their initial project, a dedicated space for the installation of the broadband, of high-speed communication equipment and for the optical fibre.

Older buildings that have not been built with such a space, will need to be suitably wired in view of the latest devices that will allow to communicate with both traditional equipment as well as with the recent discoveries of home automation.
Communication problems that may arise during this phase have been for a long time the subject of many studies and analysis. The result that has been achieved is to have created a worldwide standard for all manufacturing companies. To renovate an apartment and to make it modern and smart, you do not necessarily need to invest straight away large amounts of money to install the different connections. What is fascinating about home automation, is that it is very flexible, adaptable and modular: this means that the final customer can start with small additions and improvements, by installing simple home automation devices. These devices can be, over time, easily integrated, improved and expanded. In this way, it will be possible to amortize the expenses, and the initial investment will remain limited to a small amount of money.


Renewable energies and home automation systems

The concept of home automation is strictly linked to the so-called “being green” attitude, i.e. a life philosophy that provides a targeted and timely management of consumption, but not only. The concept of smart home is also closely linked to the use of renewable and alternative energies in integrated systems. In this way, even those who own a photovoltaic system can benefit from intelligent solutions that will optimize the self-production of electricity, as well as benefit from tax deductions, whether applicable.


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