Review: Tacto by Home Innovation, a keyboard to manage the automated home functions

Tacto by Home Innovation is a keyboard with a customizable interface that allows users to manage all the automated home functions, easily and quickly.

What is Tacto?


tacto black and white keyboardTacto icons are interchangeable and can be customised according to the users’ needs.  With Tacto by Home Innovation, users can manage all the automated home functions, from the simplest to the most complicated, through a single keyboard.

Thanks to this device made of glass, it is possible to manage the internal and the external lighting of a building or to manage the atmosphere of a room.

It can also be used as a courtesy light, all this, allowing a complete customization and flexibility, so as to ensure a customised experience for any type of clientele.

But let’s have a closer look to Tacto by Home Innovation functions and to its technical features.



Tacto, all the automated home functions managed through a single device


tacto black keyboard


One of the greatest benefits of choosing Tacto by Home Innovation is, no doubt, the fact of being able to manage the house using a single push-button panel.

The user won’t need to use several different keyboards for managing the home functions: Tacto allows to integrate many functions using a single push-button.


Fully customisable functionalities and icons


Tacto functionalities are interchangeable, as are the icons on the glass plate.

The device can be entirely customised according to the users’ habits and lifestyle. The device will allow users to manage all the house functions, comfortably and quickly, without having to use different devices.

The user can replace the existing icons and associate each symbol with one or more features so as to be able to quickly store and make the experience more intuitive.

Additionally, the icons can be programmed to remain lit or to be switched off, thus can be customised depending on the needs of the user.  The commands that can be set on Tacto keyboard can vary from a minimum of two to a maximum of six.


“Ghost Mode”


Tacto by Home Innovation is equipped with a “Ghost Mode” that allows users to turn off all the icons simultaneously and to make the device “invisible”, making it fully adaptable to the furniture of the house without interfering with the aesthetics.

The device is equipped with an integrated sensor, which will turn on the icons when the device is touched.


Tacto fits every style of furniture


Functionalities and icons aren’t the only features that can be customised, its design is customisable too.

The device is equipped with modern, simple and clean lines, which make it easily adaptable to each style of furnishing.

Those users who have a contemporary-looking home can opt for Tacto in black or white or with white led lights.  Those users who want a device with a customised design and colours can, upon request, order Tacto with tempered glass in custom shades or with special logos and graphics.

Therefore, Tacto is a device that meets the specific needs of any type of clientele, including companies and businesses.




Tacto control panel can also be used as a night light or as a courtesy light, ideal for illuminating some of the areas of the house during night time.

Users can plan this function according to their favourite time zones or by associating it with other types of commands.


Tacto: technical features


Tacto by Home Innovation keyboard is made of tempered glass, a high-strength material with standard dimensions: 120 × 80 mm.

The device is equipped with touch sensor icons and allows an independent control of each led light, night light and connected buzzer. Thanks to its “block” function, it is possible to disable the device to facilitate the cleaning.

For any additional information about Tacto, visit the official website of Home Innovation .

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