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Review of Spy Micro by Linergy: a system to manage the emergency system

Spy Micro is a state-of-the-art system allowing users to fully manage and maintain a careful and timely maintenance of their emergency system and emergency lamps.

Thanks to Linergy‘s central unit, it is possible to easily control an emergency system. It is a fast and, above all, inexpensive system that enables the management of up to 30 devices, directly via the Spy Mobile application, compatible with all mobile devices running on Apple and Android operating systems.


Spy Micro by Linergy: more control and more comfort


spy micro linergy to manage the emergency systemSpy Micro by Linergy is an emergency management and control system that allows users to supervise and ensure a building’s maintenance, in an inexpensive and fast manner.

The device monitors the efficiency of an emergency system (in accordance with the European Union regulations “EN 50172” and “UNI11222”) and immediately informs, directly via SMS or e-mail, the user of any possible failure or fault detected. The system can be easily installed in any type of electrical switchboard with the help of a standard dimensions DIN rail.


Spy Micro is also able to record any anomalous event by informing the user about the results gathered after a test and an emergency intervention. The user can manage the test settings, choosing the preferred day and time, even individually for each of the 32 connected devices.
Spy Micro was designed to be easily integrated with any type of home automation system: it is equipped with an Ethernet port (“TCP / IP” protocol) and a “Web Server” system that allow users to manage the device features also via the Internet.


Two periodic tests for an absolute safety


Spy Micro has been programmed to ensure users maximum safety. The device performs periodically two types of tests on the emergency system.

The first is a functional analysis, a test that evaluates the operation of each connected lamp, by analysing the light source. The second type of test analyses the autonomy of the emergency lamps, simulating a sudden interruption of electricity.

In this way, Spy Micro will be able to evaluate how much time the internal battery of the lamp will last until it is discharged, by comparing its actual performance with the default ones; it will then indicate the need of replacing the battery.
The central unit is also equipped with an internal memory that allows the device to record all events, such as, for example, the ignition of the emergency system or the presence of any faults.


Spy Micro by Linergy: the “Web Server” feature for a better management


Thanks to the “Web Server” feature, users can connect via the Internet with the Spy Micro by Linergy central unit and thus manage all the features in an even more comfortable and faster way.
To control the functions of Spy Micro online, users do not need to have any specific software, since the device is equipped with a web server that allows the remote control of the device and of all its features.

Therefore, it will be sufficient to use a simple device connected to the Internet (with any operating system) and a browser. Spy Micro can adapt to any domestic or professional requirement, thus guaranteeing a maximum flexibility and great savings.


A complete control through a simple app


app spy micro
To help users manage all the features of Spy Micro, Linergy has created the “Spy Mobile” app that allows them to manage all the features and to check their security system directly from their smartphone or tablet.
It is, therefore, possible to remotely access the event log to see the results of the test and share them via mail or publish them on Linergy social forum.


Spy Micro of Linergy: technical features


The Spy Micro’s central unit comes with a 7-inch color screen, touch screen sensors and an alphanumeric built-in printer. The device allows users to manage 1280 lamps, using a single central unit.  Equipped with an Ethernet port, Spy Micro allows users to connect to the web via a modem.
The device is equipped with a “Li FePO4” built-in battery that allows up to 2 hours of autonomy in the event of a power failure.


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