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Review of Restart Autotest by Gewiss

There are about 35 million circuit breakers, for exemple, in Italy, designed to protect people in case of failure of the electricity grid:  these devices were made compulsory by the CEI 64-8 standard, entered into force in September 2011.

Even though these devices are very reliable, over time they may not provide an adequate protection. Circuit breakers that remain inactive for long periods of time are likely to lose their reactive ability, thus compromising the safety of those living the premises where the accident happens.

In fact, these devices are left switched on for too long, remaining exposed to dust and sudden thermal changes, which in the long run might compromise their efficiency. In this regard, the proper functioning of these circuit breakers should be regularly tested by the house owners, using the appropriate T button, which is necessary to verify the efficiency of the device.

The test should be performed regularly since thanks to test you can find out any possible deficiency or fault of the device. However, it is very unlikely that the users check these devices, both because this would not only cause an immediate interruption of electricity in the house, but also because it would require to reprogram all the electric devices of the house.

To face this matter, you can choose Restart Autotest by Gewiss, a forefront innovative tool that ensures maximum protection and electrical safety for both professional and residential properties.

Restart Autotest by Gewiss: a secure, convenient and perfect solution for any electricity grid


restart autotest GewissReStart Autotest by Gewiss is a device featuring innovative functionalities and can be easily installed in any domestic electrical switchboard. If there is a blackout, this device automatically restores electricity within 10 seconds, whether the blackout was due to a voltage spike or to extreme weather conditions. Moreover, this device, before restoring electricity, will do a thorough security check to verify that the restart of the electricity grid does not constitute a danger to users.

Moreover, ReStart Autotest carries out, periodically and autonomously, a test for the release of the differential relay, thus ensuring the fullest protection for both, users and electrical system. In such a way, the device will keep a high level of efficiency and safety of the system over time, whether the system is for domestic or professional use. Moreover, thanks to its bypass circuit, during the electric current testing, electricity won’t be interrupted and this will ensure a non-stop power supply, thus not being a problem for the user.


If the interruption of electricity was due to a permanent failure (such as a short-circuit or the presence of a damaged or bare wire), ReStart Autotest by Gewiss locks the system and indicates to the user the presence of the fault through a LED control system fitted with special lights. If an electronic controller is connected to the auxiliary contact of the device, the device will alert the user with an SMS even when the user is not at home.

Restart Autotest by Gewiss: ideal for both domestic and industrial use

Gewiss offers different versions of ReStart Autotest that vary depending on the type of user. Two different models of the product are available. The 2 poles one is designed for domestic use, while the 4 poles is more suitable for tertiary and industrial use. The latter is ideal to be installed in places where traditional circuit breakers could be easily damaged by chemical substances and dust or whether it is necessary to ensure the safety of a large number of people.

Installing Restart Autotest by Gewiss

ReStart Autotest by Gewiss can be easily and quickly installed. It is compatible with any domestic electrical switchboard. To make it work correctly, you simply need to connect two wires. No specific masonry works or reconfiguration of the electrical system are required to use this safety device by Gewiss.

For any additional information, you can visit the ReStart Autotest dedicated page on Gewiss official website.


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