Review of Mito Led by Palazzola Spa: high-bay industrial devices

Palazzoli has recently launched Mito Led. Mito Led is a roto-symmetrical high-bay device specifically designed for lighting industrial environments. This new product is the result of huge investments in research, development and technological innovation. It is the result of a company policy that has aimed at enhancing the so-called “Made in Italy” and at strengthening the position of Italian companies in the field of lighting technology.
Mito Led has been proposed as an ideal solution for critical and potentially dangerous environments. In fact, thanks to the experience of the engineers and of the designers of the group, a very special system has been developed. This system can be installed inside motorway tunnels, in subways and railway tunnels, in plants that work with hazardous, flammable and explosive materials but also in the sport and food industry. In addition to being an extremely versatile product, Mito Led saves up to 50% of electricity consumption, integrating perfectly into the design of the Smart System and featuring an intelligent management of the electrical systems.


Mito Led Technical features

Mito Led has an innovative design with a circular crown shape, which, in addition to fostering thermal dissipation, boasts a more regular and efficient light distribution. The body is in die-cast aluminium, painted in grey RAL7011, finished with a zinc fluorine treatment which gives it an attractive and modern look, and makes it particularly stable. The optics of the light sources can be customized according to the technical characteristics of the installation, such as the height from the ground, the dimensions of the area where it is going to be installed, whether it will be placed indoor or outdoor. Mito Led can be fitted with a 4 mm thick extra-clear tempered glass diffuser which is perfect for the chemical industries. It can also be made in HACCP polycarbonate to comply with foodstuff standards.

The maximum weight is 9.5 kg, it supports a heating temperature of 4.000 K and falls into the insulation class 1, while the 2 is available only upon request. The supply voltage is 200-400 V with a frequency of 50-60 Hz. The operating temperature, in reduced power mode, has a range that goes between -30 ° and + 40 °, up to a maximum of + 55 °.


Advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional systems

The installation of the Mito Led in production plants, industries and outdoor environments represents different advantages compared to the use of traditional systems. First of all, it is a product that does not require maintenance for at least 15 years, allowing a considerable saving on management costs. It has a rather long life, with a flow of residual brightness over 80% after the first 50,000 hours of actual use. It offers significant energy savings, with an economic cost return only after the first two years of operation. In particular, according to the studies carried out, on an installation of 100 light sources, Mito Led is able to reduce energy consumption by over 50%, even though the overall power output is slightly lower.

In figures: in one year the consumption of 100 Mito Led light points are on average € 9,000, while with a traditional system the consumption would be over € 20,000. Even the design has been thought to meet companies’ needs. Its circular crown shape increases the perceived brightness, facilitates the installation and increases the overall duration of an increased thermal distribution. It does not contain extremely dangerous substances such as mercury and emits clean light, without UV or IR beams.


Safety and durability

Mito Led offers has a rather long life thanks to the fact that the LEDs are circularly positioned. This position ensures that they remain attached to the helical heat sink and away from sources of heat. The power supply provides an advanced security system against over voltage inputs, with a maximum coverage of 6 kV in line-phase and 10 kV in line-ground. The power supply unit is separated from the optics thus eliminating the need for maintenance work and increasing its service life.

It also features an innovative emergency system, an inverter module with completely separate batteries. It is located in an IP66 / IP67 box with connectors that can be easily installed in any position, either directly on the body or in the immediate vicinity depending on the needs. Batteries have a service life of one to three hours, with a charging time of 30 hours.


Smart System Technology

The new Mito Led by Palazzoli is the latest generation device that fits perfectly in integrated Smart Systems, both centralized and isolated. Its technology is compatible with any sensor, furthermore, it allows an extremely easy remote programming. It can be connected with twilight sensors, presence detectors, antennas, and energy saving systems. It can be controlled by wireless or DALI driving systems.


Installation of Mito Led

Compared to traditional lighting systems, Mito Led is also considerably easier to install. The suspension fixing, in fact, allows you to easily replace the old reflectors with Mito Led, without the need for adaptation or adjustment.

This allows you to save on installation costs and greatly facilitates the task of technicians, especially when working in difficult and dangerous environments. For example, it can be directly mounted to the ceiling with a self-centred sled bracket, on the headers with an adjustable two axes system or on tubular pylons, with a specific 60 mm diameter connection. However, it can also be fixed to the wall on the load-bearing structures, thanks to a bracket with an adjustable angle, hooked with a double chain in blind-beam systems or it can also be fixed in adjustable mode, which is ideal for adjusting the light distribution at best, by choosing an angle between 0 and 90 °.


Adjustment of the rotosymmetric optics

The great advantage in the installation of Mito Led is the complete regulation of the light sources, which thanks to the use of specific optics can offer customized lighting according to the customer’s needs and the type of environment. For example, in rooms that are from 5 to 7 meters high, it is possible to adjust the rotosymmetric optics diffusion at 100°, while for rooms with a height greater than 9 meters, it can be adjusted up to 60 °.

Optics can also be elliptical when installed in the aisles of warehouses and depots. They can also be asymmetrical for outdoor areas and sports facilities. They can also be mounted with a protection grid if they are used on roads.

In short, the new Mito Led by Palazzoli is presented as an innovative product and devoted to energy saving, security and to the digital integration of systems. If on the one hand, the power is slightly reduced, on the other hand this device represents a real decrease in energy consumption. It is easy to install, versatile and has a 5-year warranty, a proof of trust and seriousness of the manufacturer.


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