Review of Home Lock: wireless home alarm by FAAC

The wireless home alarm, known as Home Lock by FAAC – an Italian company that has been operating in the doors and gates automation market as well as in the home automation industry for more than 50 years – is very reliable and easy to install.

home lock by faac wireless home alarm


It is equipped with a remote control system that allows it to be managed remotely. Thanks to its modern and elegant design, Home Lock is safe and suits all the needs, whether it is for a residential or a business purpose.


Home Lock by FAAC: wireless home security system


Home Lock alarm system is easy to install, it can be used for any kind of building and doesn’t require any massive masonry works. Thanks to its wireless feature, the alarm can be easily and quickly installed. To fix all of its components, no wire connections are required. Therefore, it can be immediately activated.

This wireless alarm system is sold in different pre-configured assembly kits and can be immediately used.

The assembly kit by FAAC includes:

  • A central unit equipped with an integrated keypad;
  • A siren and a set of backup batteries;
  • A remote control to control remotely the bi-directional; communication
  • A volumetric sensor;
  • A magnet to stick it directly to the window or door fixtures.


The basic wireless home security Home Lock offer includes a series of batteries, which are already included in the kit, that make the system work even if there are power surges or a sudden blackout.

Thanks to its adaptability, the system offered by FAAC adapts to any kind of customer’s needs:  being modular, it can be adapted to any home and customised according to the owners’ lifestyle and requirements. In addition to the basic kit, Home Lock is compatible with many different wireless accessories that can be directly connected to the central unit within a few seconds.

Among these accessories, we can count:

  • Control keypads;
  • The so-called “pet immune” sensors, capable of detecting any movement inside and outside of the premises (these sensors were specially invented to detect pets’ movements, thus preventing the alarm activation);
  • Opening sensors, to be fixed on window fixtures, to both shutters and blinds;
  • Trespassing detectors following the breakage of a window;
  • Fire detectors and external sirens.


Home Lock: the wireless home security system which puts safety first

home securityHome Lock wireless alarm system relies on a secure bi-directional radio transmission system that makes a double communication possible to all connected devices and towards the supplied remote control. In this way, the remote management feature will be completely secure and efficient.

Therefore, any time the owner will send a new command to the device, he will be informed whether the command has been received or not. Moreover, the transmission of data, done through radio frequencies is encrypted. Therefore, the system is also protected from any possible interferences or attempts to interfere.



The remote control system

The basic Home Lock kit comes with a telephone communicator that works via PSTN technologies or GSM, allowing the client to remotely control all the features of the alarm, therefore the activation and deactivation of the system. Whether one of the sensors detects a movement or a possible infringement, the central unit will work autonomously and will call the previously registered numbers, indicated by the owner, to report any attempt of intrusion. Thanks to this communicator, the user can also check the status of the alarm system via an SMS.

Different versions of Home Lock


Home Lock wireless alarm system is available in two different versions that can be chosen according to the client’s needs.

  • “Home Lock alarm kit with GSM communicator”

This basic kit comes with a central unit and an integrated keypad, a 12V/2Ah battery, a remote control for the “HTL-M” bi-directional control and a phone GSM Communicator “HL Kit GSM”.  Moreover, the system is modular and allows to connect additional wireless accessories.


  • “Home Lock alarm kit with PSTN communicator”

This Home Lock version comes with a central unit equipped with a siren, an integrated keypad, a series of 12V backup batteries and a remote control for the “HLT-X” bi-directional communication control. The communicator that comes with this model is an “HL Kit PSTN”. As the above-mentioned version, this system is modular as well, and several different accessories can be connected to it.


Home Lock: the advantages of being a FAAC installer


installerFAAC offers to Home Lock installers a full support service, specially created to answer any doubts and questions related to the planning, installation and maintenance of this alarm system. Moreover, FAAC undertakes to communicate to Home Lock installers all the updates related to Home Lock, thus allowing technicians to respond effectively to customers’ queries.

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