New 2019 trends for home automation

Home automation is a growing trend. With the development of high technology, more and more people want to have a smart home and a home that allows you to perform many features quickly and easily.

It now seems to have become a global trend with numerous brands providing fantastic innovations. At the same time, these technological wonders can make your home even safer, protecting it from unwanted external threats. Therefore, it seems that in 2019, the automated home will be an incredible booming success. It is hence interesting to focus on what are the main trends that will be developed this year!

Surveillance will be developed in a social way

Social networks have become a predominant part of our everyday life. We all have a profile on one of the biggest current social networks. Through this profile, you can check on your friends or watch movies, sports or television celebrities.

However, what if there were a social network where you can share your home security footage with a specific community? Well, it looks like that’s the way it is going to be. According to leading experts in home automation, there are technicians and companies that are developing this system. The idea is to launch a social network that is able to connect various users who own automated homes. These people will be able to talk to each other, in particular about the security factor, in order to prevent common threats.

For the time being, this feature is supposed to be launched in 2019, though just as a test. It seems that 2020 is going to be the year when this feature will be launch onto the market. Such a social network seems to be quite positive and can be beneficial for all those who want an automated home.

Omnipresent voice assistants

Voice assistants seem to be a trend that has already got a foothold not only in the home automation field. There are several products on the market that function as voice assistants. Thanks to voice command, these assistants can perform various tasks. We can mention for example turning lights on or locking your home doors. Until now, voice assistants have only been released by global corporate giants. However, in 2019 other companies operating in the home automation industry will release their own versions, the will be more and more specialized in innovative tasks.

Top of the range technology

An automated home must be equipped with top-of-the-range technology. And this because a home must stand out from the others and have very fast connection systems. Connectivity between different devices must be highly faster and each component must respond to commands perfectly. It is easy to say that the 2019 automated home gets closer to the home of the future, the one that is often seen in science fiction movies. In addition, the life quality of the inhabitants of the house will significantly improve thanks to video footage of exceptional quality. It’s not uncommon to have cameras capable of capturing 4K footage with incredibly well-developed image sharpness.

Connecting smartphones

In addition, in 2019 home automation systems will be more and more connected with smart devices. The reality is that nowadays many people already use their smartphone to control the normal functions of their home technologies. However, it goes without saying that with higher quality smartphones, you will be able to perform more and more features. With the latest generation smartphones connected to your home automation system, you will always have your home under control and you will always be able to take a look at your security cameras at any time, without any issue.

Facial recognition

Finally, one of the most widespread trends in 2019 is facial recognition. This feature will allow you to identify the face of the inhabitants of your home and to unlock the house by disabling the common safety standards. A bit like what already happens with the latest generation smartphones.

But some may complain and worry when talking about their privacy. Well, companies that implement facial recognition technologies have also thought about this. Of course, those who decide to use this feature will give their consent. In addition, a customized database that will be accessible only to those who decide to use this feature will be created.

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