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Monitor your house with your iPhone: the best apps for home automation

New technologies offer us countless advantages, aiming at improving the quality of our everyday life and the safety of our house. You will just need your smartphone to monitor the electrical grid of your house and much more.




Have a smart home with Arduino Mega

Among the best apps for home automation, there is Arduino Manager. Updated in September 2014, this app is for free and compatible with all Android devices and iOs. This app for home automation by Arduino Mega allows you to keep under control, even when you are away, the intensity of the lighting in some areas of the house, thanks to a remote power control. This app allows you to manage and monitor blinds, awnings and shutters, heaters, automatic watering systems and the air conditioning.
With this app by Arduino Mega, you can easily check all the doors and the alarm system. Thanks to its infrared remote control, the app allows you to monitor remotely the TV, the DVD player and all of those devices that are supposed to be working with a remote control. The only downside: the app features many pop-up ads. However, it is thanks to these ads that its developers provide the app for free.


SoulissApp Domotics

Another very useful app, to those who wish to keep under control their own house, while for instance, they are at work, is the so-called SoulissApp Domotics. Updated in August 2014, this app is for free and compatible with all Android devices and iOs. Thanks to this app you can manage remotely the external and the internal lighting system of your house, the air conditioning, the heating system, doors, windows, shutters, the alarm system and many other devices.
However, to use this home automation app you need to install Souliss.


Winkhel Building Automation

The third position of our ranking goes to Winkhel Building Automation. This app is free and designed only for purely demonstrative purposes: this considerably limits its features.
Through its TCP Modbus protocol, this app allows you to monitor all the automated systems of your house, office or hotel. It is through its TCP Modbus protocol that the app communicates with the systems designed to interact with Winkhel technology.
With the Winkhel Building Automation app, you can manage the watering and lighting systems, the shutters, the doors and many other devices featuring Arduino’s characteristics.
What is interesting about this password is the requirement of a password to prevent any sort of misuse.


Luxom domotica

The fourth position of our ranking goes to Luxom domotica, an app which is completely free but which was, unfortunately, last updated in January 2012. However, thanks to this app, you can have an even more comfortable life and you can manage your house according to your family’s needs. You are not at home, and you will be back late in the evening? You may be worried that once you are back home the house is not warm enough? The answer to all of your questions is App Luxom Domotica. The configuration software is absolutely free and allows you to adjust and to turn off the lights, to switch on the heaters of your house, office and more. Thanks to this app you can adjust the lights of the garage as soon as the door opens, or otherwise, you will simply need to push on one button to close all the shutters of the house. Moreover, you can set to automatically switch off all the lights of the house that you have previously forgotten to switch off. Or, you can decide whether to open or close the shutters, according to the time of the day and external lights.


Menu Domotico

Menu Domotico is another great app. Compatible with iOs 6.1 and with later versions, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, this app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Available in Italian, English and German, this app, Menu Domotico, belongs to ABB Ltd developers and can be downloaded from iTunes.
Thanks to its intuitive interface, this app gives you the opportunity to easily manage your house, even remotely. Thanks to Menu Domotico app it is possible to manage the external and internal lighting systems of your house, the air conditioning, the watering and the heating systems. With just a few clicks and with easy commands, it is possible to control the doors, the shutters and much more. New to this app is the Request Status feature, through which you can check the activation of the alarm system, the house temperature and all the appliances that are switched on in the house when you are not there. Thanks to Mylos Home Automation system, you can also manage four different temperatures and completely or partially activate the alarm system. Finally, this app allows you to establish a list of favourite commands that you use more often.
To make your house and your app safer, you can set a password.


DynMaker Sagl

DynMaker Sagl is a very well-known app for home automation, developed for iPhones and iPads.
You can buy it on iTunes, for €38. Updated in October 2014, this smart app allows you to remotely monitor your house or your office. The higher speed connection between the IP cameras and the Brain B, along with its interface make this up very user-friendly.
A peculiar feature of this app is the possibility to insert a photo for each room of the house. Moreover, the app allows dividing all devices that can be monitored into different groups. Thanks to Domotica app is now possible to check the heating system of your house and of your office, the internal and external lighting systems, to manage the shutters, the doors, the blinds, the automatic plugs and the awnings. With Domotica it is also possible to view the images on the cameras that were previously installed at your place, and even better, you can fully manage your alarm system.

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