Let it rip with LTC (Project: Shah Deniz Stage 2)

LTC has been awarded the contract to supply FG7 cables to provide power for Stage 2 of the Shah Deniz Pipeline in Azerbaijan. This is a prestigious project where LTC are working with a local partner.Shah Deniz Stage 2


Shah Deniz Stage 2 , when completed , will be able to increase gas production by an additional 16 billion cubic metres per year. Shah Deniz Stage 1 currently produces 9 billion cubic metres per year.

Shah Deniz Stage 2 is one of the largest gas projects undertaken anywhere in the world, and will provide European energy resilience and security, by allowing transportation of gas from The Caspian Sea to many European markets.

The distance between The Caspian Sea and Italy is in excess of 3500 kilometres, with the overland terrain varying from 800m below sea level to 2500 metres above. The first delivery of gas is expected in 2018.

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