A Led lighting system solution for the office: Lucy, the digital light by Erco

Among the most interesting offers in the LED lighting industry, there are Lucy digital devices by Erco.

LED lighting Lucy by Erco


The name of the German brand is well known to those working in the professional lighting industry, or in architectural lighting.

Recently, thanks to its new model, known as Lucy, Erco has started thinking of lighting solutions for workplaces and households, with table lamps that allow you to combine professional LED lighting and design.


Led lighting for working environments: Lucy digital devices by Erco


Basically, Lucy is a digital lighting project designed and built specifically for working environments and / or for places that require the greatest concentration.

For this reason the designers and engineers who created this digital lamp  focused not only on the external design but especially on specific details, such as the light intensity, the light angle and much more.


A Led lighting solution with a design


Lucy by Erco in a workplace

Image credit: Erco

The feature that most catches your eye when you look at a digital Lucy lamp is its very minimalist, stylish and precious design.

The body of the lamp is white-grey, and its hue is RAL9002.  Profiled aluminium and powder coated: Lucy has been designed for those who love having a lamp that can be moved, but also for those preferring a fixed table lamp. Lucy is, in fact, available in two different versions, namely with a support or mounted flash.

The base is made of non-slip materials that guarantee maximum adherence to the table and ensure the lamp against any accidental movements.  In case you would opt for the fixed table version, a sleeve in brass is included, which will ensure the lamp to be fixed on tables of varying thickness, from one to four centimetres.
The difference in the support won’t affect anyhow the lamp functionality and the directionality of the light beam.  The upper part of the lamp in both versions – i.e. lamp with the support or with the mounted flash version – namely the part where the light beam is generated, can be rotated and can, therefore, be directed and oriented in different ways depending on your needs. The rotation excursion is 180°.


An optical system for a greater visual comfort


A second distinctive feature of this digital lamp, Lucy Erco, is the optical system. If the aesthetics of the lamp is very important, certainly the lighting mode and the type of light that emits represent two fundamental features.

Lucy by Erco features a protected optical system, which guarantees a high illumination without creating eye discomfort, even when you look up toward the light source itself.  More precisely regarding the light source, it is useless to emphasise that it is a LED. Erco, in fact, was the first company in Europe to manufacture lighting appliances that use LED technology.  This is one of the features that ensured the German company to establish itself as a market leader in LED lighting.
The light emitted by Lucy can be in two different shades, hot or neutral: in both cases, the light is emitted from high-power LEDs, which can be dimmed thanks to an adjustable switch.

The lighting can be varied at will, up to 1%, thus ensuring, depending on the necessity, the right light for your study or work.


lucy by erco workplace lighting

The correct positioning of the digital lamp, Lucy by Erco


The correct light for your worktop is not ensured only by a proper light intensity, but also by a correct positioning of the lamp on the worktable itself.  For this reason, Erco technicians recommend placing Lucy on the left side of the table if you are write-handed or, vice versa, to place it on the right side if you are left-handed.  In this way, you will be 100% sure that you won’t create shadow zones because of your arm movements while working.  It is also fundamental to consider, depending on the size of the surface which needs to be lit up, a proper distance between the fixing point and the support and the centre of the working area. In this way, you can be sure that a light beam will perfectly illuminate the working area.

Of course, the possibility of rotating the upper part of the lamp always guarantees the maximum brightness on the floor even when the working material is moved.

If you wish to know more about the aesthetics and the technical details on how to install and to properly use ERCO lighting solutions and more specifically about this lamp, you can visit the website of the German company here.

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