La Triveneta Cavi “Company to Watch 2018”

La Triveneta Cavi has been awarded the “Company to Watch” award for 2018 as part of the Databank analysis of the Cables and insulated conductors’ industry.


Cerved’s Marketing Solutions Area prepares 150 analyses per year on the most important industries for the Italian economy. These studies are carried out by the sector experts along with Cerved analysts who get together to enhance the value of the information assets and proprietary methodologies. The so-called “Company to Watch” is identified for those industries that are subject to this analysis. “Company to Watch” stands for the company which, compared to its competitors and in regards to its reference market, stands out both for its economic and financial performance and for the way in which its business activities are carried out. The “Company Watch” is therefore an assessment of the company’s scope of action in qualitative and quantitative terms.

For each company, the expert analyses the main financial data and the way in which the business is conducted, assessing each factor individually. Thanks to a comparative analysis of the results of the industry operators it is possible to identify, for each industry, the Company to Watch for the year.

The company that is awarded the “Company to Watch” receives a certificate indicating the distinctive factors that led to the recognition award.


Insulated cables and conductors

  • Constant investments on industrial structure and logistics, that improve efficiency and flexibility.
  • Upstream integration in the compounding of polymers and in wire drawing. This represents a key factor in those markets that show a high price competition.
  • Product innovation that aims at expanding the range of cables with a greater added value and at meeting specific regulations for operating in foreign markets.



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