LA TRIVENETA CAVI, 50 years of history

LA TRIVENETA CAVI Saturday, June 13TH, has celebrated its 50 years anniversary. The party was attended by the 5 production sites employees, the former employees now in retirement, the external salesforce and the professionals, who for many years, collaborated with the Company.
During the event the President and Managing Director  Mariano Peripolli described these 50 years ofhard work: the foundation of the production sites, the acquisitions made, the continued growth and relentless activity that allowed the Group based in Brendola to become one of the most important player in Europe in the production of low and medium voltage cables.

Today the company is present in over 30 countries worldwide with continuous development policies both in production and in its already wide product range.

The 2014 results were also shown  together with the latest business plan, for the years  2015-2016 as well as the Company’s Vision and Mission.
The President thanked the 540 employees for their cooperation in recent years and stressed that only through the active commitment of all the work force we can achieve ambitious goals.

Another special thanks went to those who now is gone: Gildo Scalabrin and Bruno Gobetti, who along with Gastone Massignan, current President of LTC Holding Group, had the good intuition 50 years ago ‘to give life to this wonderful Italian industry : LA TRIVENETA CAVI

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