Garageio review: solution to have a constant control of the garage door

Check and control in a simple, safe and reliable way the garage entry, wherever you are, has now become a reality. The solutions offered by Garageio Blackbox allow you to have a constant control of the opening and closing of the swinging door of your house garage.


Blackbox is easy to install, easy to use, it is sold at an affordable price and is perfectly functional. Replacing the garage door is not required.Garageio can be adapted to the already existing structures.

For these reasons, Garageio Blackbox is mostly used by the field experts, as the best solution for increasing the efficiency of the garage entry.
Given the particular features of this solution and the growing interest in this technology, we decided to dedicate the next few paragraphs to the description of this amazing Z-wave technology.


Allottazs Labs

Alottazs Labs was founded in 2012 and its headquarters are in Ohio (USA).
Alottazs is a small company but with great entrepreneurial ideas and production lines, able to promptly and efficiently respond to the changing demands of the market.
Alottazs laboratories anticipate the market requests by foreseeing the future of home automation.
This company is one of the cradles of the world’s most inventive home automation solutions. It has developed many solutions, such as unique software and hardware with a high technological content.
Garageio Blackbox is one of the many solutions proposed by Alottazs laboratories.
The company’s philosophy is simple and effective: basically “technology must simplify and not complicate”.
Its objective is to design and produce devices of a high quality and reliability, using the most modern technologies.
The Garageio Blackbox Line is an alive proof of their philosophy.


Garageio Blackbox for garage doors: description

The ingenious device used for automatically open the garage doors is produced in three different models.
That is to say model I, II and III (see
The differences are minimal and related to the management capacity of the number of inputs. However, the design of the models is identical. We just need to describe one model to describe them all.
The Garageio Blackbox can be directly installed on the opening mechanism of the swinging door or, for a matter of comfort and space, on the ceiling of the garage.
Through a special app for smartphones, conceived by Garageio, it is possible to interact with the domestic Wi-Fi network to manage and control the device.
The Garageio app was developed with pre-set scenarios or pre-set commands.  Through the app, it is possible to give access to the garage to the people you wish, to limit the number of entrances and even deny access to unauthorised parties.
The device is programmed to control, simultaneously and remotely, up to three doors (Garageio Blackbox III Doors Model). Moreover, new scenarios can also be created, such as closing the garage after a certain period of time, if the garage door has been inadvertently left open.
Many solutions, for opening and closing garages remotely controlled by smartphones, are available on the home automation market. However, Garageio is different because it is more user-friendly.
It perfectly integrates with the pre-existing opening system and does not require, as already mentioned, to replace the old structure.
All the other models available on the markets require the replacement of the old door.
Moreover, Garageio’s price is very competitive.  The price also includes free assistance and free application download for remote controlling (including periodic updates).
As a proof of what has been said, on 17 December 2013, Proto Labs (NYSE: PRLB) has awarded the Cool – Idea prize  to Alottazs laboratories for the invention of the device and for the Garageio app.
The Smart home app. operates with the most popular operating systems and can be found at the following links: Https://

To conclude, and repeat a basic concept that has already been discussed in other articles and reviews, “a device doesn’t make a home automated but it contributes to the implementation of its automation”.
Therefore, the real potential of this product is in the hands of professional experts who need to perfectly integrate this single device into a greater and more complex home automation project, which will increase and improve the safety of the house.


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