Earth Conductor: why it is important to follow the rules

The complexity of today’s electrical systems requires earth conductors. Earth conductors are fundamental for getting a job done with any problems or interruptions. However, many people underestimate this aspect.

Not everyone knows exactly how to build an earth conductor. Some people believe that installing an earth conductor is very easy, and underestimate the difficulties that such an installation entail. It is, therefore, necessary to analyse what an earth conductor is, how to build it in the best possible way and why it is so important to follow the rules.

Earth conductor: what is it?

First of all, let’s see what an earth conductor is. Modern technological or energy systems are extremely powerful, yet isolated from all of the other systems. This is for security reasons because, in case of malfunction or sudden failure, the cables do not transmit electricity to the metal parts, risking to blow up the entire system. However, since an electrical system can be extremely dangerous, it could happen that due to a serious internal fault, the system electrocutes anyone near the fault. However, it is exactly at this point that the earth conductor comes into play. This system allows the current in excess, from the insulated cable, to be discharged directly to the ground. In this way, the electrical energy can vent in a certain way on the ground, avoiding any kind of damage. In most cases, an earth conductor can save, not only the lives of those professionals who are called upon to analyse and resolve the damage but also of those who may be close to the short-circuited system. However, to be truly effective, an earth conductor should be made and installed following all the safety steps required by international standards.

Earth conductor: the importance of building it according to safety standards

As we have just seen, an earth conductor is a safety system whose importance is fundamental. You can’t joke about implementing and installing such a system. If the installation is not handled properly or if some steps are underestimated, the consequences could be very serious. But how is it possible to create a standardised protective conductor that complies with all the rules in force? Here are the rules to be followed:

– Check the right resistance values: after having implemented the system, it is necessary to check the right resistance values. If these parameters are not adequate to the total power of the system, then the safety system will be useless. For this reason, after having installed it, it is advisable to call professionals of the industry to verify the resistance values and test its efficiency.  

– The possibility of connecting it to other wells: an earth conductor can be connected to a single well, in which it disperses the electrical energy that is violently released from the insulation cable. However, the possibility of connecting the system to other wells can also be considered. This safety variant must be considered if the ground has poor electrical resistance.  

– Use materials suitable for the purpose: when making an earth conductor is always recommended to use materials of primary quality because they will ensure the success of the system and will allow you to completely protect the power grid to which the earth conductor is connected. 

– Maintain the wells: the wells of an earth conductor should be maintained regularly. Sometimes, in fact, it may be necessary to “water” them in a special way so as not to decrease the humidity, a fundamental element for the correct functioning of the protection system. Moreover, before being implemented, a well connected to the earth conductor should have a good design and any possible issue should have been already explored during the theoretical phase.

Earth conductor: safety first

Last but not least, to build an earth conductor you need to rely on a professional. However, even professionals who commonly perform these tasks should not underestimate this work. The earth conductor is an excellent safety measure and, as mentioned above, its correct activation can save lives. Therefore, following the rules, in this case, is always the best thing to do, even if sometimes this means lengthening the working time. After all, it should be remembered that safety comes first and foremost, both for the operators and for the customer, who will then have to rely on it.

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