DomusTech Free by ABB: review of innovative anti-intrusion device

Thanks to DomusTech Free by ABB, it will be possible to fully protect the house and its inhabitants. This innovative anti-intrusion device is completely wireless and can be professionally installed and no masonry works are required.
domustech free by abbDomusTech does not only ensure a high standard of safety from external intrusion, but also it ensures protection from fire and flooding. Thanks to its advanced bi-directional wireless technology communication, DomusTech Free central unit can be managed remotely either via a remote control or a mobile phone. Therefore, it is very easy to manage and doesn’t require much electricity to work.


DomusTech Free by ABB: security and simplicity in a single device


DomusTech Free is a modern and innovative anti-intrusion system proposed by ABB, easy to install and to manage, and suitable for every type of user. To install it, no masonry works and required and the configuration can be easily done thanks to its intuitive interface.


smartphoneThe management of this safety device is very easy indeed, as it is equipped with a bi-directional communication system that allows to set it, both from the central unit and via its remote control. Therefore, it is possible to manage the system and access all the information related to the house monitoring, both through your smartphone or tablet, where you will need to have previously installed the dedicated app, or via the remote control that was provided with the safety device.


The device is equipped with a professional wireless technology and ensures full safety of the premises, also as regards to possible attempts of tampering and interference, and features an accurate and live monitoring of the property.

Thanks to its sleek and elegant design, DomusTech Free suits any environment.  The device featured by ABB is equipped with a touch screen and an outside infra-red movement detection system that allows a maximum defense in the event of intrusion of the property, by accurately controlling each door or window of the house. The volumetric detection system instead, allows to check and report on any possible presence inside the premises.

DomusTech Free system is equipped with a central unit, internal and external motion sensors, a remote control, and indicators, devices for domestic protection and tools that allow you to add extra functionalities to ensure a totally customizable “home automation” system.

The central unit features a semi-graphic display and an integrated keyboard that allows the user to manually control the status of each sensor, to have full access to all the information recorded by the system and to turn off the system separately for each monitored zone, so as to adapt the system to the most different needs. DomusTech Free is IMQ security certified (level 2).


DomusTech Free: anti-fire and anti-flooding features


In addition to accurately monitoring the perimeter and the interiors of the premises and therefore to provide a full protection of the house and of its inhabitants, DomusTech Free ensures a high safety level as regards to the risk of flooding and fire.
This ABB device, in fact, is equipped with an advanced system for detecting flooding and fire. Its sensors together with its remote Bi-directional communication technology will alert the user in case of extensive water losses or possible gas leakages and fires.

smoke detector


Smoke detectors




flooding detector



Flooding detectors



Thanks to its innovative last generation control software installed in the central unit, and the possibility to install flooding and smoke optical detectors or gas and GPL leaks detectors, DomusTech Free can be customized according to the needs and habits of the user, thus adapting its functionalities to any lifestyle.


DomusTech Free: simple and easy to install


Thanks to its wireless technology that allows all different devices to wirelessly communicate through radio frequencies (868.3 MHz), DomusTech Free is easy and simple to install. The system does not need any invasive masonry works or extensive system works to be able to work. Moreover, its “Carrier Sense Multiple Access” technology allows to get an accurate detection of the signals and secures the system from the risk of interferences and communication issues, thus allowing a high standard of safety even when there are unexpected signal network losses or of any other type.

The system works thanks to a GSM processor, one of the most advanced technologies in the industry, which allows you to send SMS to any registered telephone number and to safely manage the device from your smartphone or tablet.

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