Design smart buildings with the EcoStruxure Building software

Advancements in technology have made it possible to design smart buildings capable of interacting with people, guaranteeing a better life quality and simplifying people’s daily activities. The new EcoStruxure Building software developed by Schneider Electric offers enormous potential in the design of these cutting-edge facilities.

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This tool is free and open, i.e. people can contribute expanding its features and the possibility of progressively improving it allows to control, analyse and optimize the different systems of a house or of a building in general. Basically, the EcoStruxure Building software allows you to intervene on all those systems connected with an Internet network. We are talking about those systems that are going to have a positive effect on home automation, such the electrical, the heating or the lighting system.
This software, thanks to photovoltaic panels, can also integrate and make electrical energy production systems more efficient.


To whom is the EcoStruxure Building software addressed to?

Designing smart buildings through the EcoStruxure Building software is addressed to a wide range of people. The best results you can get are for buildings that require a high level of efficiency. More particularly, you can get better results for those buildings that have excessive energy consumption and energy losses. Such energy losses can be hard to predict and this could have a negative impact on energy saving and on the management of the different systems of the building.

This tool is also useful in the implementation of smart homes or simply in the improvement, through a cutting-edge and technologically advanced system, of work spaces. For this reason, the EcoStruxure Building software is also suitable for technicians and for all those electricians wishing to achieve high-efficiency systems even on a small scale or in daily activities.
As technology is becoming increasingly popular in people’s homes, this software makes it possible to even integrate and improve domestic systems.


A careful designing with the EcoStruxure Building software

The initial step carried out by the EcoStruxure Building software is to connect all the smart systems, installed in a house or in a building, with an Internet connection to get as much information as possible from every technological equipment.

What is important is to create a network through which you can easily manage every element present in the building or in the house in a simple and direct manner. In such a way you will have one single unit that will manage all the apps together. The idea is to simplify the management of the system, and to significantly reduce, where needed, the energy consumption or to improve the performance of each system, from the brightness of the room to the fire-prevention system of the building.

This model can then be progressively used for premises, company departments and even industries that involve extensive facilities and require many different management settings. This opens up the possibility for further checks and analyses that will significantly improve the quality of smart buildings.


Which advantages can the EcoStruxure Building software bring to smart buildings?

Using the EcoStruxure Building software has many advantages for smart buildings, and consequently for people who live and work there. First of all, it is necessary to start from the assumption that this software makes it possible to manage home automation systems of any type of building, from a simple house to an industrial plant. Therefore, it represents a high and widely-developed potential.

Moreover, since it is not a closed or limited management, it is possible to customise it according to the building requirements or features, with no limits on the design. This is perhaps the main feature of the EcoStruxure Building software that should encourage a professional figure to opt for a new model of intervention based on connectivity and data transmission between a central management system and the several systems of the building.
In this way, you can improve the quality of your design right from the beginning or you can optimize a situation that is already in place but that needs some tricks to increase its performance.


Improving your energy savings thanks to the EcoStruxure Building software

Since by 2020, 3 buildings out of 10 are expected to be smart buildings, it is clear how the EcoStruxure Building software is absolutely useful in the management of connected systems for achieving a globally connected system.

A good management and control of all the technologies present in a house or in an office can optimize the entire efficiency of the building by 30%, which means a better system with less waste. Through data collection, the system analyses and chooses the best solution for any situation and allows an improvement of the energy spent for the equipment with a consequent reduction of energy losses. This has a greater importance for large-scale facilities, such as hotels, hospitals or industrial plants that could lead to a worse resource management than a smaller building, such as a private house.

For this reason, the EcoStruxure Building software represents a solution for better controlling the energy expenditure of those buildings that are increasingly oriented towards sustainability and wish to have a lower impact on the ecosystem.


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