Creating a relaxing environment with light

The word phototherapy comes from the Greek language and literally means light therapy. The latter is also called heliotherapy and is then a healing technique, which is based on the use of light to generate an antidepressant effect in an individual.

Having a room in the house equipped with a relaxing light, and that welcomes us when we return from work, or after an evening out, is a real panacea for our well-being.

Ambience light

To create a relaxing environment, you could use ambience light. This is able to make every corner of a certain home more welcoming and pleasant to live in. The right lighting in a given room can therefore make us feel more protected and safe. There are certain methods to achieve ambience lighting and create a relaxing room in our house. First of all, you could use more than one light point within the same room.

To ensure this, table lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps could be used in combination.

The bulbs used in these lamps should be of low intensity, because too much light could affect the relaxing atmosphere of a room.

A first way to create a relaxing space in a particular room of our house is therefore to use lamps equipped with low intensity bulbs, in order to provide an intimate light in a room.

Relaxing atmospheres: white light

If we want to relax thanks to the light, we must also be careful when choosing the right color of bulbs.

Warm white light, for example, helps to create a relaxing living environment. As a matter of facts, it creates an atmosphere of well-being, unlike neutral white light.

Green light

To make a part of a house more quiet, you can also use low-intensity colored bulbs. Green light bulbs can make us feel more creative and calmer. To create a relaxing environment, green light is very suitable, as this color generally inspires peace and quiet. It has also been scientifically proven that staring at a green lamp for a long time does not strain the eyesight, but helps to relax our mind, allowing us to immerse ourselves in a naturalistic atmosphere, which can give us a feeling of priceless harmony. To this regard, we must also say that workers, who are surrounded by a green light environment, feel happier and more productive.

Blue light

Even the use of lamps with blue light bulbs is functional to make a relaxing environment at home. Thanks to the blue light, you can feel more relaxed and calmer. Blue is generally the color of the sea and the sky and it is often identified with very positive things. It is said that a blue lamp usually manages to have a calming effect on the person looking at it. Moreover  it can also lower the body temperature and the blood pressure of a single individual. Some experts have then stated that illuminating even a working environment in blue makes it more relaxing, helping the different people in it to concentrate more and to be able to memorize more information and details.

Purple light

If you want to breathe an air of calmness in the room of a house, you can also install purple light lamps in it. This color is in fact useful to help people to recover their serenity, supporting them in regaining a feeling of lost well-being and tranquility. It has also been shown that purple light is an excellent panacea for soothing the symptoms of a mental illness, or of certain nervous disorders. About this, however, it is appropriate to say that to create a relaxing environment, the use of low-intensity purple light bulbs should not be excessive but it has to occur in small doses because this color, existing very rarely in natural environments, may be too artificial at a mental level.

Fiber optic lighting

Fiber-optic lighting is a great way to be surrounded by a magical atmosphere of well-being in a particular room of a house. This system allows the spreading of an impulse of light along a flexible strand, made from polymeric and glassy materials. Fiber optic lighting is able to diffuse the light, creating scenic effects, such as the starry sky.

In this particular setting, the vault of a ceiling is overrun by many glittering stars, which are recreated thanks to fiber optic sources.

In this way, this system is able to make any living environment more serene and peaceful.

Led lighting

To breathe a more relaxing atmosphere in a room,  Led spotlights are very suitable. These are especially used in decorative lighting of outdoor and indoor environments of a house. These tools, in addition to conferring a touch of modernity and elegance to a certain area, also make it more relaxing.


From what has been explained above, it can be said that warm low-intensity light of a certain color, is a fundamental means of making a living space intimate and full of calm.

Unlike cold light, warm light generates a more energizing atmosphere, able to stimulate attention and concentration in a subject, and to loosen the negative thoughts of his mind.

Lighting is therefore undoubtedly one of the necessary keys to modify the perception of the different rooms of a house and, for this reason, it is able to make them more welcoming and special. The bedroom, the kitchen, the living room and even the bathroom can become more beautiful and relaxing spaces if we change the chandeliers and lamps we use, in order to create an ambience light, which usually produces a deep feeling of relaxation.

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