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Came Domotic 3.0, a new home automation system to control and manage your house

Thanks to its special management system the new Domotic 3.0 by Came allows you reducing your house energy consumptions. Thanks to a special app, the system can be easily managed from mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones thus allowing you and expert technicians to remotely intervene to diagnose any possible issues or to help you.


home interior and came domotic 3.0

Image credit: came-domotic.com

This innovative system was designed to increase the welfare and comfort of the tenants of the house and to adapt to any space requirements and subjective needs, from automation to lighting, from managing your video intercom system and the temperature of your house, to detect any possible intruders.


The domotic system by Came: Domotic 3.0


came domotic 3.0

Image credit: came-domotic.com

Thanks to a series of fixed touch screen units installed inside the house and through enabled mobile devices, users can easily manage, according to their needs, all the activated devices connected to the system.

All electronic and IT devices of the house are integrated and connected so as to manage the house energy consumption and to avoid users to have to move from one side of the house to the other to make changes in the different rooms.
Thanks to this type of management, users can adjust several parameters of the existing systems of their house, such as the video door entry, the lighting, the automation, the temperature control, the activation or deactivation of the audio channels and of the anti-theft systems.


The advantages of Came Domotic 3.0 home automation system 




Came Domotic 3.0 home automation system is connected to the Cloud Came through an innovative Came Connect technology. In such a way, authorized users can remotely manage the different devices installed in the house.

The owner of the house and expert operators can also connect to the system through a simple app, downloaded on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Thanks to this app, it is always possible to keep under control the images taken from the cameras, the lighting system and power consumption of each single area of the house. It is also possible to activate programs or customized configurations and modify, at any time, the different parameters of the electronics and the IT devices in your house.

The Domotic 3.0 system installer can simultaneously connect to the systems, via an Internet connection, while checking and diagnosing any problems or issues. It can also support the users advising them on what to do or, in extreme cases, by intervening directly.

Came Domotic 3.0 is a versatile system that allows integrating new features and new modules, thus improving its functionalities over time. It adapts to new living environments. If new modules will be integrated to Domotic 3.0, the server will automatically detect this addition.  Recently connected devices are safely added to those previously installed, and this ensures a constant home management at a general level.


Wireless Solution


However, this isn’t all: the aim of this technological improvement was to eliminate the mess of wires and cable connections and to replace everything with a wireless network that can be automatically installed compared to the classical procedure made through a computer.

Radio modules integrate seamlessly with the electrical grid. If we are dealing with more complex systems, these same modules can be connected with domotic driver wire modules, where advanced features and important updates are required.
The intelligent 7” and 10” HD touch screen monitor, known as “Ts”, can be either installed on the wall or fitted.


Integration with intrusion detection systems


Thanks to the connection and the synergy between the various systems of the house, the premises can be considered entirely protected and sheltered from flaws and unexpected intruders.
Users can easily receive updates about doors and windows on their smartphones and tablets, thus avoiding the risk of dangerous situations such as theft, burglary and possible drawbacks such as forgetfulness.
You can activate home alarms and the lighting system when you are far from your house. You can simulate that someone is at home thus discouraging any possible intruder.
In case of electrical failure or computer equipment failure, Domotic 3.0 immediately reports to the user and to the service providers through proper notifications and alarms.
The Came technology system allows to protect and constantly control the different external and internal areas of the house through a video door entry system with cameras specifically positioned to ensure maximum visibility.


Lighting and energy efficiency control


Came Domotic 3.0 also allows overcoming the old concept of lighting.

The new light management aims at significantly reducing the energy waste thanks to the thermoregulation of the different areas of the house, with a system that allows users to modify the temperature of every single area of the house. With this system it is possible to adjust various temperatures, depending on the habits and needs of the tenants.
This energy management also has an impact on water, gas, and light consumptions by activating, in an absolutely automatic and natural way, a new philosophy oriented to energy-saving.
An example of this feature could be in case of excessive energy power demands. In such a situation, the integrated control system, Domotic 3.0, disconnects the less important electrical loads reconnecting them when the consumption will tend to normalize.
Users and programmers may also refer to previous monitored electrical loads. In fact, thanks to an energy consumption record, users can become more aware of their energy habits and plan the best energy programs for their future consumptions.


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