The best Iphone and Android universal remote control apps to manage electronic devices

If you are among those who lose their remote controls over and over again, this article is for you. We will see together the best universal remote control apps for iPhone and Android to replace the old and obsolete remote control for tv, air conditioning, DVD player and more.


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When you have a large number of electronic devices in your house, you often find yourself with remote controls of every type spread everywhere: on tables, on the sofa, near the bed, and so on.

Modern technologies make it easy and convenient to solve the problem of excessive remote controls, which are often difficult to find, because they are misplaced when used.

Today, in fact, there are a number of universal remote control apps that can manage all electronic devices such as television, different players, air conditioners, and so on.

These apps are compatible with the major mobile operating systems, iOS and Android, which represent not only a smart, but also a cheap and functional solution.

Among the many solutions, it is important to know how to choose the ones that offer a greater number of features and, above all, those that offer features compatible with your electronic devices. Not all apps, in fact, are compatible with different brands and, above all, with different device models. For this reason, it is crucial to carefully check on their compatibility so that you do not download apps that cannot be used.

Pay particular attention to the ways of communication between mobile and electronic devices, which can be via infrared or Wi-Fi, as appropriate.


The best Iphone and Android universal remote control apps


Anymote Smart Universal Remote


image of AnyMote Smart Universal Remote appAmong the most complete apps there is Anymote Smart Remote, available for both Android and iOS. This is an app that can be used for TV, DVD players, Xbox and many other devices.

This app allows modifying a series of commands such as changing the channel, controlling the volume, pausing the button to quick step to the following scenes.

This app can be downloaded for free, however, it must be pointed out that it is compatible with some electronic devices, and that the communication is via an infrared receiver. If the devices are unavailable, it is necessary to purchase a receiver using this technology.

For certain models and brands, you do not need the IR link and the app can communicate via the Wi-Fi.




IR Universal Cast IR remote control


Another perfect solution for those who have a smartphone or the latest generation tablet is the Universal IR Remote Control.

Developed by Castreal, this app is only available for Android and provides a high degree of ease of use in TV control, as well as many other electronic devices capable of communicating via infrared rays.

For example, this app can be used to communicate with cameras, allowing control and management of the latter, their memory, and some commands.

It can also be used to control the air conditioning system by turning it on and off but also by adjusting the air temperature and intensity of the air emission.

Like all apps, this is also compatible with a large number of systems but not with all of them, so it is always advisable to perform a compatibility check.

One of the positive aspects of Universal IR Remote Control is that is available in the free version (with banner ads) and in the pay-per-view. The first one can be downloaded to test the compatibility with your devices.


DroidMote Client


Among all those app that allow electronic device control, another very interesting solution is the DroidMote Client, an Android application that allows differentiated usage as needed.

Once installed on your smartphone or tablet, the DroidMote Client allows you to control your TV or another device via a series of different modes: the pointer mode is the most interactive one which allows you to better manage your multimedia contents, while the controller mode is crucial when the television is used for gaming.

These different ways of using the remote control are related to the use of the TV, while other electronic devices use only the remote control mode.

DroidMote Server is a paid app only available for Android devices. It lets you use your smartphone or tablet for a variety of features, such as using the device like a mouse, a remote control, a keyboard, a controller, and more.

In order to work, you must have root permissions: once enabled, you can use a single device for a variety of different functions, so you can do it without a large number of remote controls and management systems, they will no longer be needed.

This app is therefore particularly useful for those who use the latest generation TVs and therefore need to navigate, watch TV and play with Xbox while fully enjoying the possibilities offered by the TV itself.


A remote control named ZaZa Remote


Those who use an iPhone or iPad have the option to choose a very interesting app, compatible with a large number of devices. This is ZaZa Remote,  an app developed by Tiqiaa, a Shanghai company.

This app allows you to replace the remote control for TV, air conditioner, DVD player, amplifiers, cameras and many other electronic devices, including some lamps.

Its system supports over 7,000 devices made by the most well-known brands, and over 250,000 types of remote controls. Needless to say, all information and guidelines are available in the most common languages.

It is always advised to upgrade the app version to get more functionalities and fix more frequent bugs.


Finally, it should be noted that most of these apps have a number of frequent upgrades, allowing them to improve features and increase compatibility.

For this reason it may always be convenient to keep up-to-date on the various options offered and to choose when to uninstall a particular application for a more complete and efficient one.


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