Automation system for sliding doors: review of Vista TL by BFT

BFT, a company operating in the home automation industry, presents Vista TL, an automation system for sliding doors with a stylish and practical design, suitable for every need.


automation system for sliding doors vista tl bft

The device can be installed on doors weighing up to 120 kg and of different sizes. Therefore, it is ideal to be placed in areas where space is limited and where extra room is needed. Vista TL by BFT automation system allows users to save up to 30% of useful space, in a quick and easy way.

This cutting-edge system for the automation of sliding doors, features a central unit equipped with a hi-tech system where a display allows you to set different commands. You can either do it manually, on the spot, or remotely through the U-Link protocol. You can program all the main automation settings.
The device, in addition to being functional and to constitute a winning solution when you want to save some space, is equipped with an advanced security system, which allows a maximum protection in case of violation and break-in attempts and as regards to any unforeseen situation such as extremely bad weather conditions or wear of the mechanical elements of the doors.


How the automation system for sliding doors works

Vista TL by BFT automation system for sliding doors is ideal for being installed in areas where space is limited. Equipped with the latest technology, the device allows a full remote control of the appliance, thanks to the U-Link communication protocol, patented by the same company, which makes the system compatible with any network for the management of the property. The configuration of the system and of the settings can be easily and quickly done, not only via a remote control, but also on the spot, thanks to its touch screen on the central control unit.

The performances of the device are excellent, not only for the functionalities but also with regards to the safety of the building and of its inhabitants. The automation system is equipped with an ERV electric block which immediately locks all the doors in the case of an unexpected event, in each room of the premises.

Moreover, thanks to its D-Track technology, the Vista TL system by BFT, allows achieving high safety standards even in the case of unforeseen situations such as extremely bad weather or issues related to failure or wear of the mechanical elements of the doors. Vista TL comes with a management system for both leaves of the door. In case of intrusion attempts or breach of the premises by a third party, the device ensures maximum protection.

Thanks to its transmitters equipped with a coding system, the so-called “Rolling Code”, you can safely manage your commands. This technology always suggests to the user different access codes that cannot be duplicated or intercepted by third parties because they are processed by special algorithms that prevent any duplicate.


Vista TL by BFT: a winning solution for every space

All Vista TL models by BTF come with a discreet and elegant design, providing users with great functionalities, maximum convenience and a good aesthetic result. Vista TL system by BFT is available in different versions: you can choose models for two-leaf doors and for four-leaf doors. Moreover, you can install this automation system on telescopic doors of different weights and widths, so as to adapt the automation device to every space requirement.

This sliding doors automation system Vista TL presented by one of the leaders of the home automation industry can be also integrated with a variety of accessories that can vary depending on the user’s safety and space requirements, or on the features of the building where the system will be installed, as well as on the sizes of the room. Among these additional accessories, we can count the functionality selectors for the mounting brackets and the sensors which are available for both single and double technology, to ensure maximum safety for any situation and requirement.


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