At which height should electrical sockets be installed?

To function perfectly, an electrical system must be installed with special attention. In this regard, when installing electrical sockets, you shall ask yourself: at which height should your electrical sockets be installed?

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This question may seem useless, but in reality, it is very important. Electrical sockets must be placed in strategic places, for several reasons. It is therefore necessary to analyze this topic, giving a general overview that focuses on the ideal height for electrical sockets.

Electrical sockets: at which height should they be installed?

First of all, you have to consider at which height the electrical sockets should be installed. Well, you have to know that there are precise standards that need to be respected when talking about the installation of these objects, which are essential for the functioning of a good electrical system.

Usually, the minimum height to be respected is 17.5 cm from the floor if the sockets are installed at close to the floor. How do we establish this distance? The height is not calculated by chance, but it must respect what is written in the CEI 64-8 standard and in the CEI 64-50 guide.

However, there are also other recommended distances that must be respected when positioning electrical sockets. For example, the recommended and optimal height that anyone should respect when placing sockets near mirrors or similar objects is 110 – 120 cm. If the sockets are placed close to the doors of a room, then the recommended height is 80-90 cm from the floor.

What about placing them close to a bed or bedside tables? In this case, the recommended height is 70-80 cm. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the quotas imposed by the regulations. Even if someone may decide not to follow these regulations regarding the height of electrical sockets, it is always recommended to do so. Why? Below you will find the benefits you will get if you follow the regulations on the height of electrical sockets.

Advantages of placing electrical sockets at the right height: what are they?

Therefore, you should consider what are the advantages of positioning electrical sockets at the right height.

Well, in the first place you can get benefits from a safety point of view. If you think about it, these regulations have been created in the first instance because they took into account the customer’s safety. Therefore, if you comply with the rules imposed and the distances indicated, you can increase your protection even in the event of situations that you cannot predict such as a short circuit or a voltage overload. Besides, the indicated height has been measured taking into account also the common needs of the inhabitants of the house.

As we have seen, each socket has a specific size that varies according to the position where it was installed. This is because usually, an electrical socket in a room is used to connect different appliances or tools that are used on a daily basis. So, if you respect the rules you will not find any difficulties in handling tools or appliances such as hair dryers, fans, night lamps and many others.

It goes without saying that if you want to install electrical sockets in a correct way, you have to plan the furnishing of the house in every detail. This means that each room will have at least the electrical sockets needed to operate the inhabitants’ basic requirements. However, we advise not to save on the number of electrical outlets in your home. Many times, in fact, a few more electrical outlets can make a difference, giving you even more benefits.

How would you know when it is necessary to install several electrical outlets in your home? Well, after having chosen the furniture of the house and having made a general picture, our suggestion is to have a professional opinion from a specialized technician. The latter will undoubtedly be able to advise you in the best way, perfectly defining the correct height of the electrical sockets and the correct number.

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