Air conditioning: advice

In the summer, air conditioning is a necessity for many people, while for others, it represents a real problem. Despite the fact that many people suffer the hot weather, many do not tolerate the air emitted by the air conditioner and complain about allergies, stiff necks, colds and small health conditions that can be caused because of the proximity to the AC.

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In this regard, it should be pointed out that air conditioning is totally harmless but can be harmful if misused.
In reality, air conditioners were invented for helping people to breathe more easily even during the hottest and sultriest days of summer.

However, AC is very often used for cooling down at extremely low temperatures some areas of the house, creating a very high gap between the internal and external thermal conditions.
The transition from a very high temperature to a very low temperature environment creates a series of breathing and muscular issues such as sore throats, stiff necks, and articular pains.


Pay attention to temperature difference

In this regard, it must be emphasized that even during winter time, the transit from very hot heated environments to cold external areas, can lead to pathologies which are very similar to those encountered during summer time.

For this reason, to ensure a proper use of the air conditioner and to better appreciate the advantages of the AC, it is advisable to set the thermostat so that the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor air doesn’t exceed five to six degrees.
Moreover, setting balanced temperatures also allows to lower power consumption, cut AC running costs, as well as demonstrate a greater respect for the environment.


Check the direction of the air-inlets

Besides properly setting the temperature of the AC, it is also important to check the direction of the air-inlets. It is always advisable to avoid the direct emission of cool air on workstations, sofas or beds and towards all those places where you tend to sit back and relax.
The majority of health issues related to AC are the result of a misuse of the device.
It is wrong to direct cold air towards a fixed spot, because it is there that it reaches its coolest temperature.
Therefore, it would be better to move your working station, at home or at work, far from the AC air-inlets, thus being able to enjoy the fresh air, while avoiding a direct contact with cool air.
It goes without saying that when one is sweating it is important to avoid areas where air conditioning is set to low temperatures.


Clean the filters of air conditioner

To improve the quality of the air released by the air conditioner, it is essential to clean the filters.
Filters, that are poorly maintained, are very often responsible for respiratory system problems as well as for severe disruptions caused by the presence of bacteria and fungi that can reproduce more easily if filters are dirty.
Usually, when sensitive to AC people are in a close room either at their place or at office and start feeling dizzy, showing symptoms such as nausea, stomach pain or headache, this means that the quality of the air is very poor and that AC filters are dirty.
The various problems related to the quality of the air emitted from the AC, the temperature and the direction of the air inlets are valid for every air conditioner, and these conditions do not change whether the conditioner is fixed or portable.


Portable air conditioners

However, small portable air conditioners, that are less powerful, do not show any problems related to reaching too low temperatures. Normally, these air conditioners are less powerful compared to fixed air conditioners. Check  “Portable air conditioners versus fixed air conditioners, pros and cons

However, it is much more likely, that these air conditioners are misused. Very often, portable air conditioners are placed too close to people who seek some cool air, without even thinking of all the health problems that such a close contact with the AC could generate.
Also in this case, it is very important that the air released from portable air conditioners does not hit people directly, mainly if they are children and elderly people.


Check the positioning of the exhaust pipe of the hot air

Finally, it is vital to check the positioning of the exhaust pipe of the hot air, to benefit of the AC but also to decrease the energy consumption.
Fixed and portable air conditioners feature an exhaust pipe, through which the hot air produced by the transformation process is released.

When a suitable opening is not available, we wrongly tend to place the hot air exhaust pipe out from a partially open window or on a balcony. To compensate the hot air in excess that enters from the open window, we lower the temperature of the air conditioner.

Over the long term, this mistake leads to an increase in energy consumption that can affect our electricity bill, mainly when we are using portable air conditioners that feature a lower energy capacity compared to fixed ones.
It is much more advisable to make a hole either on the wall or on the window glass that will need to be cover during the winter, to ensure a minimum thermal dispersion.

For a correct use of the AC, we strongly recommend that you always read carefully the instructions provided by the manufacturing company and, for installing the system you should rely on professionals able to provide useful advice on how you should properly use your air conditioner.


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