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The advantages of smart watering systems

In the third millennium, home automation is within the reach of all. Until a few years ago, due to its costs, it was only affordable for a small group of people. However, thanks to the arrival of the Internet and popular apps, everything can now be directly managed from mobile phones.

smart watering system

So, the first thing we can say is that the simple timer to be applied to the water pump is highly obsolete. You need to modernize your system by giving more space to the so-called Internet of things i.e. the ability to control different areas of the house directly from your smartphone.

Let’s see together what and how to handle home automation, and let’s have a closer look at all the advantages and disadvantages of this type of modernization.

Watering your vegetable garden or garden is always a big commitment, especially when you decide to go on vacation. Just as every year you begin the exhausting research for someone who could take care of the area while you are not there.

Otherwise, you have to entrust yourself to a series of expedients to keep the soil moist, such as for example, digging into the soil a number of upturned bottled filled with water which will gradually release it but won’t guarantee that the soil will be watered for the entire period you will be away.


How does a smart watering system work?

In a nutshell the system is capable of irrigating fields or gardens on its own thanks to a simple app. Let’s try to understand how it works.

First of all, the irrigation system cannot be obsolete because it could compromise its proper functioning. Please, make sure that all of its parts are working, and pay extra attention to cables and electrical parts, because without electrical current unfortunately home automation systems don’t work and you might be forced to go back to the old water bucket to water.

A part from irrigating tubes, this system needs a switch. Unlike simple timers, it will not be controlled by a simple switch but by a real mini computer with a Wi-Fi connection. Through a simple app, you will set the watering schedule, the intensity and everything you wish to modify.

If you have different crops you can split the watering. You will need to have a different tap for each area you want to water differently from the others. Here is what you need to have if you wish to get a smart watering network.


The benefits of having a smart watering system


You only have a small plant on your balcony and you already start worrying about how you can water it to prevent it from drying especially in the summer time when water is required on a daily basis.

We all know that it is not possible to be at home every day to water our plants. Of course, those being more affected by these problems are people who have large crops both private and businesses, or owners of villas where there is a very large lawn.

Among the advantages of owning such a system, there is the certainty that the area will always be watered according to a specific schedule, even though you are not at home.

Another advantage is to be able to control up to the last drop and to evaluate the real quantity of water required depending on the crop and type of soil. This is a very positive feature that allows you saving on water with zero waste.

Moreover, it is good for Mother Nature and for those paying the water bills.
There is only one disadvantage that has to be taken into consideration, only if you are not in the area at the time of watering: the lack of electricity or water. That means: not being able to intervene and risking to lose your crops due to soil drought. There aren’t any other negative aspects of this watering system. However, we must add that in the case of malfunction or anomalies the device sends an alarm signal to your mobile phone and you can then solve the problem.


Smart watering system apps


We are living in “the apps era”, we know that thanks to them we can control our entire house. Home automation gives us the ability to turn on the stove while we are out of the house, lower the roller shutters, close the gas and garage and manage a thousand of other things. However, at the moment, we are only focusing on smart watering system apps.

These apps are not to be considered as a simple control panel, where to ask what time it is and how much water to drop, but they a very complex systems.

Through these apps you can insert the different types of crops, so it directly calculates the correct amount of water and the timing, i.e. how many times a day you have to water.

But there are so many factors to consider, such as the type of soil, the areas that remain shadowed or not, and the current season. Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection that allows this device to always be connected, these apps also take into account the weather, and therefore if a thunderstorm is forecast, the apps won’t start the system because the water will come directly from the rain.


Who is concerned by smart irrigation systems?


If you think that only large companies are concerned by this type of product you are wrong. This is a great advantage even for those who have a garden or a normal vegetable garden.

You get your money back over the years because there is no more water waste. So we can recommend it to anyone who wants to have a full control of their home and who wishes to have an independent house management.

Naturally, it also applies to all companies that have an irrigation system, such as greenhouses or growers. For them, this system represents many advantages, not only for saving money but also for not having too many people involved in these tasks.


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