The advantages of Smart Lighting

When talking about Smart Lighting we mean all sort of systems which allow us controlling the lighting system through a single unit controller, so as to manage the light network of every room.


The advantages of Smart Lighting


Contrary to what one might think, these intelligent lighting solutions, are not meant only for a small niche market, particularly interested in electronics, or for the wealthiest users.  Nowadays, in fact, these special lighting systems are available to everyone and are spreading faster and faster in Italian households. Therefore, they are becoming more and more an object of mass consumption.

These smart systems can adapt to every need and can really improve people’s lives.

Here are some of the many benefits of Smart Lighting.


The advantages of Smart Lighting


1. Energy savings


Among the pros of Smart lighting, energy savings stand out. This clever management of your house lighting system can help you saving on energy consumption and thus on your electricity bill.

How? The last generation of modern smart lighting systems allows users to centrally manage all the lights of the house, both through wall-mounted keyboards and through wireless devices.

Thanks to these smart systems, you can also install motion sensors in the rooms, which allow you to turn off the lights when not needed, thus considerably affecting your energy savings. According to statistics, if you use dimmers you can cut your energy consumption of about 20%.


2. Easy to use and entirely customizable


When it comes to lighting, Home Automation systems are not only convenient from an energy point of view and for savings on your energy bills, but are also very easy to use and simple to install. In fact, they don’t require massive masonry works to be installed and can be easily adapted to any type of premises.

Moreover, among the pros of Smart Lighting, we can count the incredible variety of smart lighting systems available on the market that can really suit every user, whatever their economic needs are.  Nowadays, in fact, these devices are affordable for every budget: you can opt for a simple dimmer, that can be installed wherever it suits you, or for a more complex home automation system, so as to obtain the greatest comfort at the best price.

The various systems available on the market also allow the user to choose customized devices to monitor their house lighting system, according to their specific needs and lifestyle.


3. Remote Control


One of the most attractive advantages of Smart Lighting is the convenience that these systems offer. Many models can, in fact, be controlled remotely through a mobile app or mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Thanks to these devices users can manage all the functions and the default settings of the Smart Lighting system, even when they are not at home.


4. How to make your light bulbs last longer


In addition to allowing you saving on electricity, and on your electricity bills, modern systems equipped with Smart Lighting technology, even with the simplest ones, offer the advantage of making your light bulbs last longer. Dimmers are in fact able to extend the life of your light bulbs up to 20 times compared to the classical ones.
This is because these special smart devices allow you to decrease the intensity of the light according to the time slot or to your different needs, thus exploiting the most of the sunlight.


5. Environmental impact


Private and public lighting contribute to the emission of CO2 in the atmosphere and to environmental pollution. For this reason, among the pros of Smart Lighting, we can count a reduction in the environmental impact.  Thanks to these latest-generation home lighting management systems it will be possible to program the lights, to turn them on only when it is really needed, thus helping to reduce the air pollution.


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