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Advantages and disadvantages of the use of solar panels

Advantages and disadvantages of solar panels. Let’s find them out together..

The main advantage for installing a home photovoltaic system, is the electricity savings, you can make on your electricity bills. Auto-generated clean electricity helps reduce the amount of electricity taken from the conventional network and consequently reduces your electricity bills. This specific aspect of solar panels represents no doubt, the main benefit related to this technology. It is also true, as it is the case with all the other factors concerning house management, that solar panels can also represent a series of disadvantages. Let’s try to find out, through an analysis, the pros and cons of the use of photovoltaic energy and see whether it is worth installing solar panels or not. First, what you need to consider is that a small domestic photovoltaic system has a relatively small cost that does not go beyond a few thousand euros. Price is the factor that will influence the choice. If the price is decently reasonable, it will not take too long to get your money back. For instance, 5 years ago a 3kW system cost around €20,000, while nowadays its price is more around €7,000.

The advantages related to the use of solar panels

It should be pointed out that, a photovoltaic system must not be seen as a cost but as a real investment. It allows to get back all of your invested capital, in a period that can vary between 5 to 12 years. Obviously, the higher the initial savings is, the sooner you will get your money back. Another advantage, not to be underestimated when you are planning to make such a purchase, is a reduced VAT rate, that will be of 10% only, on the final price. As mentioned earlier, the installation costs of a photovoltaic system today, have definitely decreased, bringing the price of a kW to about €2000- €2500. Only a few years ago, these costs were simply unimaginable. The amount of money required for this kind of investment, is becoming smaller year after year. People that have recently invested, would get their money back much quicker, compared to those investors, who thought that solar panels were a good solution, a few years ago. The low cost of your electricity bills, has to be added to the time that will take, to get your money back. Furthermore, the maintenance cost of a photovoltaic system is absolutely minimum, except for the replacement of the inverter and for other small normal interventions. A part from the personal advantages you will get, by being a loyal user of this kind of technology, you also have to think about environmental benefits, such as the reduction of polluting emissions. This is something that concerns the whole community and that for some years, has been the subject of an international debate. Moreover, the choice of solar panels, represents a source of employment for an industry, that is actually on a rise and that keeps on generating many new jobs and several benefits to the national economy. Finally, it is worth pointing out that, the energy produced by the sun, increases the amount of the Italian energy capital, that finally makes Italy more independent from exporters of foreign countries.

The disadvantages of photovoltaics

Despite the many benefits listed above, the use of solar panels has also to deal with several disadvantages, mainly due to the change of seasons and the amount of money spent for the initial investment. As just mentioned, it is necessary to highlight the variable performance of photovoltaics, that highly depends on days and seasons. Solar panels produce more during the summer season and during those days where they enjoy a greater direct sunlight exposure. On the contrary, photovoltaic panels do not produce any energy during the night and produce much less in the winter. To face this issue, it is necessary to equip your photovoltaic panels with an appropriate storage system. The cost of battery storage systems, capable of storing produced energy, is one of those factors that have the greatest impact over the amortization period. The last disadvantage, is the one related to system malfunction risks and of any breakages, even though it is unlikely to happen, given the fact that there aren’t any moving mechanical parts.

A quick report about the advantages and disadvantages associated with the use of photovoltaic panels

Like any other investment, the installation of a photovoltaic system might represent a few risks as well. Over the long term, figures are positive regarding savings on your electricity bill, whilst, if you wish to get your money back at the earliest, you have to reduce your initial investment. A part from taking into consideration the installation cost, you will also have to consider other aspects, that will enhance the production of clean energy. The geographical position of the premises or lands, and the place where you live, represent two fundamental aspects. It is easy to imagine that a perfectly oriented photovoltaic system, installed in a region such as Sicily, will produce more energy than a system with the same features, but installed close to the Italian Alps. However, with regard to the initial costs of the investment, it is necessary to stress once more, the competitiveness of the photovoltaic market, especially when you compare it to conventional energy sources, that do not have any tax deductions or incentives. For this reason and for the ones listed above, the use of solar panels can still be seen as a good investment today.

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